Atabey Private Lessons
139% Increase in Organic Traffic Over 6 Months

Customer: Atabey Özel Ders Merkezi

Sector: Education

Service: SEO

Atabey Private Lesson Centre SEO Process


SEO Brand Increase


Monthly Organic Traffic Increase


Keyword Visibility Increase


Atabey Private Lesson, a private lesson centre, wanted to be more visible, especially in district-based searches. The audience he addressed was students, teachers and parents. For the audience we will address in this direction;.

  • We have identified our persona.
  • We’ve identified traffic sources,
  • We have identified the regions where competitors receive traffic and are strong.
  • We have identified words that will provide short, medium and long-term traffic,


In order for us to approach competitors and provide useful information, we first examined the on-site SEO setup and provided a healthy basis. Afterwards;

  • We have built in-site content for words where competitors are strong.
  • We have designed pages suitable for the searches of students, teachers and parents
  • We have developed a module for adding and deleting courses
  • We have carried out a number of technical improvement works.
  • In our working process with Atabey Private Lesson, we primarily focused on on-site SEO work.
  • Long tail words that will provide added value to the site were identified, supported by the blog.


  • In the last 6 months, 139.24% organic traffic increase was achieved.
  • Since the start of the study, organic word visibility has increased from 2036s to 7288s. 257.96% increase was detected.
  • Brand awareness increased by 50%. While the search for the word “Atabey” was 12,976 last year, it increased to 25,630 this year. 97.52% brand increase was achieved.
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