Webtures Bootcamp Experience

From the first camp onwards, we have gathered bright minds with more than 100 participants each. We have developed a unique formula for free, top quality and fun workshops aimed at helping people who want to start or develop their career in digital marketing.


What is Applied Bootcamp?

Webtures discovers talents who want to make a career in SEO with the camp it has created to grow the team in the most appropriate way for its structure that is open to learning, innovative and pushing the limits.You may have the opportunity to show how well you can match the speed, analytical thinking, problem solving and strategy development characteristics that an SEO expert should have.

Activities we have done!


One-to-one Training from Experienced Experts

In the first step, we need to configure Google Search Console settings well. This tool, provided free of charge by Google, is one of the best SEO tools. It doesn't matter what our business is!We need to use Google and your SEO tricks to get thousands of people to see and buy our products every day.

What awaits you

50+ Hours Duration of Training

Webtures Bootcamp offers an intensive training programme of over 50 hours in digital marketing and SEO.

20+ Digital Marketing Headline

Participants are provided with information on more than 20 digital marketing topics, from SEO to social media management.

15 Tools User training

The course covers the use of 15 essential digital marketing tools such as Google Analytics and SEMrush.

For 15+ Persons Employment Opportunity

More than 15 participants who successfully complete the Bootcamp are offered employment opportunities.

    Final Step Join the Practical Bootcamp!