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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the latest game changer that nearly every single digital marketing strategy revolves around nowadays. The main strategy is to pinpoint essential keywords that your field of work and online business are going to mostly benefit from, and then run a budget-friendly digital marketing campaign while expanding your online business.

How Do We Do?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO means “Search Engine Optimization”. It is the definition given by search engines such as Google-Yandex to the necessary criteria for easily browsing websites. With SEO studies, it is possible to rank on top organically in search engines.

Why Do You Need SEO?

Companies have to deliver the products and services they list on their websites to their potential customers and target audiences. The more users they deliver their website, the more they will directly increase their sales. Optimizing small but important details for SEO on websites and keyword optimizations, even in a short period of 1-2 months, increase their total traffic by 2-3 times, thus increasing sales by 2-3 times, it is quite possible with SEO studies.

How are SEO Studies Carried Out?

SEO is a long and comprehensive study that includes many different processes. Among the 2022 SEO techniques, completing the different processes in SEO studies accurately and simultaneously is very important for great achievements. As you continue your work, you can see serious performance gains when you complete the following steps correctly.

Setting the Goals

Setting goals before starting SEO work is very critical. Contrary to what most people think, SEO isn't just used to rank high in the search results and get as many people to visit your site as possible.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the first step to be taken after the goals are determined. In this step, determining your target keywords and the variations and search volumes of these words allow you to collect the data you need the most while creating a content strategy.

Sector and Competitor Analysis

In your SEO work, you actually compete with your competitors, not Google. Therefore, determining which strategies and innovations are implemented by your competitors in your sector can only be seen with sector and competitor analysis.

SEO & Content Strategy

It's one of the fundamental elements of SEO to create a tailor-made content strategy for your target audience using the keywords and competitor analysis data you identified in the previous steps. You can apply this content strategy through a blog you will set up or through product descriptions if you are interested in e-commerce.

Conversion Optimization

We mentioned the importance of goal setting in SEO studies. When setting these goals, determining which interaction that users have on our website is valuable for us is the most basic step in transformation optimization.

Analytics and Reporting

Once you have correctly completed the steps listed above, you will soon be able to see the positive results. However, analyzing and reporting these positive results is just as important as carrying out these studies. Hence, using Google Analytics and Search Console - one of the analysis tools offered by Google, where one can professionally interpret the data here - will also be very useful for your SEO studies in the future.

How is Google SEO Done?

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO, basically covers the analysis of the content and titles on your site. You can improve your on-page SEO performance by analyzing the titles on your site such as adding appropriate labels for SEO, and identifying copy titles and contents. In addition, performing SEO-compliant content optimization while creating new content will improve the SEO quality of your content. You can optimize content with your knowledge, as well as create SEO-compliant content and articles by using tools such as Yoast SEO in ready-made infrastructures such as Wordpress.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is essentially one of the fundamental parts of SEO that covers in-site arrangements. Many issues such as the detection of broken pages and images on the site, the control of URL structures, and the optimization of the browsing budget are included in the technical SEO. While performing these technical analyzes, SEO specialists can also perform manual analyzes and use SEO tools on some subjects.

Off-Page SEO

In addition to the SEO work you do on your own site, you may also need to do some work outside your website. These studies are called off-site or off-page SEO. Since Google and many other search engines follow the references on the web, a link directed to you from another website is called a backlink and may be perceived by search engines as a reference. For this reason, building a quality and as natural as possible external link will contribute to creating an SEO-compatible backlink network.

What does SEO do?

what does seo do

SEO allows you to organically reach your target audience by increasing the visibility and recognition of your website in search engines. In this way, if there is a product or service you sell, your conversions will increase as you reach more people. You can do SEO work to be in the web world and increase your brand recognition.

Importance and Benefits of SEO

SEO is of great importance as it increases the recognition of your project in the digital world and creates more potential customer opportunities for you. If you do not optimize search engine, you will need to advertise continuously and pay costs per click to be in the top rankings in the digital world.

By carrying out SEO works, you will be included in the search results without paying per click. No matter what time users make search 24/7, you can be found organically.

importance and benefits of seo

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SEO ROI (SEO Return of the Investment)

SEO ROI tool is a method used to measure investment efficiency, and its Turkish equivalent is known as SEO investment return. It is used as a turnover calculation of a keyword or keyword groups to be used for a site depending on the monthly search volume on Google. This estimated calculation is based on the conclusion of the relation between click-through rates of the keyword in Google ranking and the organic traffic flow that will be brought by the click.


ROI = (SEO Revenue - SEO Cost) / SEO Cost

Briefly, ROI is the tool to calculate the return amount of a certain part according to the cost of the investment to be made.

SEO ROI (SEO Return Of Investment)

The SEO ROI tool calculates how much revenue you can contribute to the site from possible Google positions based on your monthly search volume on a keyword or keyword group. It's based on the formula that is based on estimated purchase rate of traffic to the website in accordance with the clickthrough rates of Google rankings over monthly search volume multiplied by the average product price.

The first question of people who want to make SEO investments and studies on their sites is "When should I start?" - The answer to this question is that they need to take an early step due to constantly developing search engine algorithms and increasing competition conditions because Google and other search engines don't let new sites to rank because they are not popular. We will make your site popular and bring your prestige to a significant level in search engines.

  1. Place Return on Investment is873.600 TL
  2. Place Return on Investment is300.000 TL
  3. Place Return on Investment is228.000 TL
  4. Place Return on Investment is189.600 TL
  5. Place Return on Investment is146.400 TL
  6. Place Return on Investment is98.400 TL
  7. Place Return on Investment is91.200 TL
  8. Place Return on Investment is84.000 TL
  9. Place Return on Investment is72.000 TL
  10. Place Return on Investment is52.800 TL
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  1. You can measure your keyword's search volume here.
  2. Enter information about your products (search volume of your keyword & Average Product Price).
  3. Conversion rate is adjustable. The ideal rate for e-commerce is 2%.

User Experience and SEO Studies

SEO studies focused on user experience (UX) is a service that is focused on easily navigated sites for visitors visitors, rather than looking good on the website design. Today, with the developing technology, satisfying the customer wishes and desires are getting more and more difficult day by day. How easy-to-use and easily navigated your website is will determine your success in the end of the day. In fact, everything, including your use of social media, product delivery and the return policies you offer, rather than just on-site work, covers the user experience. In short, user experience (UX) and SEO studies are a set of studies to make the visitors who spend time on your site happy.

SEO Specialist

SEO Specialist is the person who performs search engine optimization with alternative roadmaps in his/her projects by following the core algorithm updates made in search engines. For highly competitive industry keywords, it is very important to work with a Professional SEO specialist and a Google SEO specialist.

As Webtures, we design strategies and roadmaps in response to many algorithm updates to make the best SEO work. In doing so, we are always one step ahead of our competitors in target keywords.

seo specialist

SEO Consulting and SEO Service

SEO consultancy is the work done for search engine optimization with the roadmap developed by the SEO team consisting of professional SEO specialists. It will be useful to carry out your work with corporate SEO consultancy in keywords with a high level of competition and search volume.

You should know what you want at the beginning when receiving SEO consultancy service and give the required time. Especially in e-commerce SEO consultancy projects, changing times may arise depending on the project in terms of the category-based progress of the target keywords and the formation of unexpected structures in the roadmap by developing different strategies.

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How to Determine SEO Study Prices

Today, there is a directly proportional increase in prices due to the advancement of technology and competition in the sector and increase the need for SEO. The most important element that determines the SEO service price is the applications to be made on your site. Factors determining SEO packages;

The number of results (competition rate) in Google search for the keyword to be used,

The age of the website,

Infrastructure owned by the site,

The ranking of the keyword determined as the target,

The desired ranking of the site,

The period of time to be worked,

Payment Options

These are the factors that determine pricing in SEO studies. These factors are also considered when determining monthly SEO work prices outside the package.

how to determine seo study prices

What are the differences between SEO and SEM?

The main difference between SEO and SEM is the way they appear in the top rankings. While SEO experts aim to take part in search results organically, SEM experts aim to reach the top rankings by giving paid advertising.

In order to maintain the balance between Google SEO and SEM and to ensure that advertisers cannot get ahead of websites that appear in organic ways, more than 40% of the total market volume of a keyword has brought the limit of not having ads. In this way, Google prevented the real and accurate information from being prevented by advertising.

İnci Akü: 222% Organic Growth in 12 Months


In addition to the target words, we created pages for long tail words that we identified, supporting both target words and increasing the organic traffic. As a result of our SEO efforts, the organic traffic increased from 12,858 on 20 December 2016 to 41,385 as of 30 November 2017 and hit a total traffic increase of 222%.
% 222

What are SEO Methods?

SEO methods are basically divided into 3 as technical SEO, on-site SEO and off-site. However, there are recommended and non-recommended methods of performing these 3 operations. If these methods are performed in accordance with the ethics and search engines guidelines, 2 options emerge. These are called White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is the type of optimization that is done in accordance with the instructions of Google and other search engines. If optimizers want long-term permanence and successful results, they need to choose White Hat SEO. In terms of ethics, White Hat optimizers try to outperform their competitors with quality websites and content.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO, on the other hand, is the unethical process of getting ahead of competitors in a way that do not comply with the instructions of Google and other search engines. Here, there are many options such as receiving many hack-links to the website, making anti SEO to the opponent, placing copy content, sending traffic boots to the website. Black Hat SEO techniques have short-term results. In the long term, as a result of algorithm updates, websites that make such techniques will not be successful.

What Are the Advantages of SEO?


Search engine optimization studies are planned in line with the needs of your company and tailored for your brand. As a result of the success of keyword targeting that is extracted after an analysis carried out on your website;

  • Enhanced Brand Awareness and Prestige
  • Superb Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Reaching Target Audience With Ease
  • Cost Effective
  • Increased Website Visibility and Usability
  • Lowered Cost of Google ADS Due to Precise Keyword Targeting


what are the advantages of seo
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Curiosity About SEO

curiosity bout seo

How Long Does the SEO Study Take?

Since there are a lot factors affecting SEO, it's difficult to set a specific duration. Some of the variable factors are the age of the website, the design of its contents, the internal link organization or the infrastructure factor. There are hundreds of different combinations and sub-breaks with the factors mentioned.

What Should I Consider When Choosing an SEO Expert/ Agency?

When choosing an SEO expert or agency, it will be beneficial for you to first examine their recognition in the sector and their previous work. Examining what kind of achievements the SEO agency you will choose has previously had in which projects and whether these successes are permanent is one of the most important factors to be considered when choosing an SEO agency.

Why is SEO Needed?

Today, there are millions of websites on the internet. But it's very difficult for people to find your website among all these websites. If we give an example from the physical world, there will be a significant difference between the number of customers coming to a store between the streets and the number of customers coming to a store on a busy street. SEO studies also place your website on the busiest streets on the internet, allowing it to reach people who are not normally accessible. For this reason, each brand with a website needs to work on SEO.

What software and tools do you use?

An SEO specialist uses many paid and free tools while doing SEO work. Many of them are only available in tools with unique characteristics, which give similar data. Specialists who want to perform SEO analysis and prepare a comprehensive SEO report can use Semrush, Ahrefs, Search Console, Google Analytics, Screaming Frog, Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio to visualize all data.

What is Yoast SEO?

Yoast SEO is a plugin on Wordpreess that allows you to make quick optimizations on a basic level for search engine optimization. With this plugin, which includes an XML sitemap builder internally, you can quickly edit your website's meta title and meta description. Using this plugin, you can easily learn how healthy the textual content you create is in terms of SEO and you can perform your optimization processes. In addition, you can make FAQ schema and HowTo schema markings, which are also available in the free version of the plugin, without the need for software information.

What does SEO stand for ?

SEO can be fully read as search engine optimization. It is used in the world and Turkey with the abbreviation SEO.

SEO Ne Demek

Arama motoru optimizasyonu anlamına gelir. Web sitelerini hedefledikleri anahtar kelimelerde, üst sıralara çıkarılmasına SEO denir. Örnek olarak su şişesi satan bir işletmenin web sitesinin, Google’da yapılan su şişesi aramasında 1. sırada olması için SEO yapması gerekmektedir.

SEO Nasıl Yapılır?

SEO, stratejik odaklı bir şekilde web site ziyaretçilerine en faydalı olabilecek şekilde optimize edilmesi, site içi, site dışı ve teknik konular analiz edilerek yapılacak çalışmaların bütününü kapsamaktadır. Uzun vadeli yapılan çalışmalar sonucunda ise büyük getirilere ulaşmak mümkündür.

SEO Ne İşe Yarar?

SEO, Türkçe karşılığı Arama Motoru Optimizasyonu’dur. Sitenizde belli kurallar dahilinde yapılan çalışmalar sonucunda ilgili arama yapıldığında üst sıralarda görünmesini sağlar. Bu sayede marka bilinirliği ve daha fazla kullanıcıya ulaşma noktasında sizlere en büyük desteği sağlayan hizmettir.

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