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Company culture is the only force that enables a company to survive with the same quality for centuries, even if its founder is no longer alive.  

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Manager Letter

It is the greatest heritage of a company. It ensures progress with the same motivation for the same purpose at every moment and at every level of the company.
Webtures' team spirit is fed by its culture and our vision and innovative approach is always to take this culture one step further.

We feed on trust, transparency and the synergy formed by the combination of our differences, and we see happy and motivated work as our main principle for sustainable success. We are proud of the company we have built with all our teammates before you, and we are excited about all the beauties and successes we will continue to build together with you.
We are always ready to listen to you to build a better Webtures with your opinions, thoughts and suggestions!

At Webtures, valuable opinions, disruptive ideas and innovative ideas are always cherished. For this reason, good ideas are more powerful than titles and length of experience.
We act with the awareness that maximising the benefit we offer is possible by contributing to the work of all our teammates who serve this purpose as well as our own work.

Kaan Gülten


Employees with Birthdays have the whole day off to share this day with their loved ones

We offer free HPV vaccination support to all our female employees. 

all our employees are provided with
private health insurance

We know that loser in lokırt treats the whole team, but if he hadn’t lost 🙂 

We give our non-smoking employees 4 days of additional annual leave per year. 

supplier and intermediary services invoices are paid on the same day. 

no one (including the boss) gives orders, the request is the most important element that increases the quality and enjoyment of the work. 

The whole team is open to share their knowledge and experience with each other. 

no one in the team is forced to undertake any task. The work is announced, volunteers are first asked, then suitable people are identified and a decision is made by assessing whether they can do it or not. 

salary increases are never made annually. The frequency and rate of increase is determined based on 2-10 months of performance. 

New team member is welcomed with a welcome kit on the first working day.

Our teammates who work for 6 months can use 7 days annual leave. 

Insurance amounts are made equal to the salary without exception. 

National holidays are holidays without exception. 

If the payment day falls on a weekend, payment is not expected on Monday, but on Friday. 

We do not teach table tennis to newcomers, we just beat them 🙂 

There is no advance limit. For company employees you can lend up to 4 times your salary at the payment facility of your choice. 

If an employee shows on social media that he is making a cake, he should bring it to the team. 

There is no obligation to work overtime. Everyone plans their own work and works overtime when necessary.

It is not mandatory to use the break time for rest and sleep.

The company offers all facilities for experts to carry out presentations, training and conference activities. 

All employees are provided with regular training from experts in the sector

our working hours are between 10.00 am and 18.30 pm

If the team eats out, the company pays the bill. 

Optionally, there is the flexibility to work from the office/remotely 5 days a week. 

Our weekly working hours are below the legal 45 hours and total 37.5 hours.

The transport costs of everyone coming to the job interview from within and outside the city are covered. 

Employees who are parents are allowed to be with their children on the first day of school and on report card day. 

Those who want to carry out volunteering activities at the NGO have 5 days off per year.

Expectant mothers can take 1 day off each month for routine monthly birth control examinations.

A person who learns a foreign language after entering the company receives a salary increase of 2,500 TL. 

Employees who have completed 5 years in the company are enKonu Başlığıd to two weeks of additional paid holiday to allow them more time for themselves.

Our female employees can use 12 days of menstrual leave per year.

Mental leave can be used for days when you do not feel mentally well.

Employees with a birthday can use any day off in the month of their birthday.

An extra half day off each month for those who have completed one year.

long service bonus

hourly surcharge for paid trainings

celebration after each training

Expectant fathers can take paternity leave for 10 days.

hiking events

Each employee is allocated a MacBook Pro.

Managers may not communicate with employees about work outside working hours.

every 3 months a day of collective work in the open air

the opportunity to take part in social initiatives

reference reward for vacancies

We shape all our processes in line with our sustainability policy. 

we look forward to enriching our culture with you : )


Webtures Culture

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As Webtures family, we adopt a management approach that discovers and develops the talents of our innovative, open to development and goal-oriented teammates, increases their competencies and adheres to the philosophy of ‘self-development’ in the learning organisation structure. We work by adhering to our culture to carry our success, which is based on our values, talented team and quality service, even further.

At Webtures, we upgrade not only our customers but also our teammates!


What can you do with our Culture Book?


Discover us and get to know who we are.


Find out what we're doing, how we're progressing.


Apply what you have learnt and seen.


Expand our culture by sharing it with your environment.

  • We can share our story, values, strategy and more.
  • How we ensure growth and development
  • How we create our innovative and employee-oriented working environment
  • You can reach what we offer to our colleagues who love learning and teaching.
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Culture Book

Our culture, fuelled by our team spirit, is always innovative enough to take us one step forward and pragmatic enough to ensure sustainability. Our priority is to improve our tomorrows that respond directly to our needs, are development-oriented and built on the foundations of yesterday.

Get to know Webtures Culture better with the culture book.