Interactive Marketing via Instagram DM and WhatsApp

Make Your Brand Stand Out with Data-Driven Creativity
Increase Customer Engagement with Programmatic Ads 

Conversational Marketing Services

Conversational Marketing and Social Media Integration

- AI-assisted communication via Instagram DM and WhatsApp
- Integration of these platforms in media planning
- Increasing engagement with "Click to WhatsApp/DM" enabled ads

Data-Driven Creative Solutions

- Custom AI-based campaigns for brands
- Audience analysis and personalised content development

Programmatic Ad and Chatbot Integration

- Chatbot fictions running in HTML5 banners
- Increasing conversion rates with interactive solutions in programmatic ads

Brand Interaction with Instagram DM and WhatsApp

Conversational marketing increases the importance of direct and personal communication with customers. Especially platforms such as Instagram DM and WhatsApp are becoming critical channels for one-to-one interaction with consumers. As Webtures, we create artificial intelligence-supported fictions on these platforms. In this way, we enable brands to communicate more effectively with their target audience. "Click to WhatsApp" or "Click to DM" ads enrich brand interaction and customer experience by offering consumers a direct and instant communication channel.


Programmatic Ads and Conversational Marketing

Programmatic advertising allows reaching the target audience more accurately and effectively. Webtures develops chatbot fictions that work within programmatic ads using Ingosa infrastructure. This innovative approach ensures that the advertisement is not only visible, but also interactive and conversion-oriented. The chatbots in the HTML5 banner establish real-time dialogues with potential customers, increasing brand awareness and conversion rates. While offering personalised experiences to customers, these constructs also create an efficient and interaction-oriented advertising strategy for brands.

  • First Contact and Needs Analysis

    Our first contact with our customers is to understand their needs and expectations. At this stage, a detailed analysis is made in line with your brand's specific requirements and objectives. Communication channels, target audience and marketing targets are the main focal points of this stage.

  • Strategy Development

    Based on the results of the analysis, a customised conversational marketing strategy is developed. This strategy includes social media platforms and artificial intelligence-powered solutions that will help your brand achieve its goals. The strategy is designed to reflect the brand's voice and maximise customer engagement.

  • Implementation and Integration

    The determined strategy is implemented by Webtures expert team. This process includes the integration of programmatic ads using platforms such as Instagram DM, WhatsApp and Ingosa infrastructure. Throughout the whole process, your brand's communication style and tone are observed.

  • Continuous Monitoring and Optimisation

    We continuously monitor the effectiveness of our services and make improvements where necessary. This means regularly evaluating the performance of AI-powered chatbots and other tools to improve customer interactions and conversion rates.

  • Reporting and Feedback

    By providing regular reports to our customers, we clearly demonstrate the results and impact of the implemented strategies. Customer feedback is an important part of our continuous improvement process and guides us in shaping future strategies.

  • Long-term co-operation and support

    As Webtures, we aim to establish long-term co-operations with our customers. By providing continuous support and consultancy, we help your brand to continuously develop and grow in the field of conversational marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Conversational Marketing

As Webtures, we use popular social media platforms such as Instagram DM and WhatsApp in our conversational marketing activities. We also prefer Ingosa infrastructure for chatbots running in HTML5 banners and programmatic ad integrations.

These adverts offer consumers the opportunity to start a WhatsApp or Instagram DM conversation directly when they click on the advert. This enables fast and interactive communication with customers, which increases brand engagement and customer satisfaction.

AI-powered chatbots have the ability to instantly respond to customer queries, provide personalised recommendations and perform big data analytics. While this improves the customer experience, it also makes brands' marketing strategies more efficient.

Webtures' conversational marketing approach enables brands to communicate more directly and personally with their target audience. This offers an effective way to increase customer loyalty and increase conversion rates.

Programmatic ads play an important role in reaching the target audience. Webtures successfully integrates these two areas by using chatbot constructions in HTML5 banners that work within programmatic ads and increase customer interaction.