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What Are Our Services?

We work for you according to the needs of your customers.

Analysis, Strategy and Consulting.


From Strategy to Planning

To get the right results, you need the right start. Sometimes it is possible to rank 0 contrary to the 1st place target. We aim to analyze the sector extensively and achieve the maximum result with minimum time/cost with an in-depth road map. In order to make it happen, we strive to reach a compromise between your expectations and our competencies.

Unrivaled Positioning for Türkiye's first Brain Hospital

Brand success that achieved fastest rising in digital visibility.

Broad Explanation: The fact that the health sector stands out in many topics with Featured Snippets on Google makes these prominent areas even more valuable. With the strategy established in Featured Snippets, which is foreseen in the sector but has high potential for brand visibility, the brand was put forward in many words such as "what is bipolar" in a very short time. With more than 250 words of positioning, we provided an increase in appointment rates by 20% with organic traffic.

Success Story

Organic visibility words
Increase in Organic traffic

From Potential to Visitor

Recognizing that each piece of data touches a distinct person, we create journey maps of your potential visitors by staging the phases preceding the demand for your products and services. More views, more recognition and more visitors.

We have been working with the Webtures family for many years. I used the word "family" on purpose because our projects are managed fondly and willingly by the whole team not by one person. We need to provide our customers with the instant processes that have a potential to affect the parity of the industry quickly, such as, technical analysis on live Forex markets, breaking news, economic explanations. At this point it's okay for us to ignore the SEO criteria. But Webtures shared their SEO experiences with us in the best way, and we achieved significant results in the targets we set in the Forex sector.

Software Engineer - Forex

With the support of Webtures in terms of both content and software, we have achieved our goals for our website. Our hospital has been serving in the field of health for 20 years. During this time, we had pages with heavy content on our website. As a result of reviewing and editing these contents in accordance with SEO, our pages achieved the targeted success. I am of the opinion that they add value to our institution with their approach to problems, suggesting solutions even on issues that they are not directly related to, and harmonious working styles.

Administrative Director - NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital

Despite the content that changes with the weekly themes, the success achieved by the special studies started two months in advance according to the annual plan is very valuable for us. Shortly after we launched the theme, we managed to take our place in the first row.

Bilsev ÇATAL
E-Commerce Manager - Tchibo

From Visitors to Customers

All the necessary processes to provide existing visitors with appropriate targets to take action are fictionalized. We develop short, medium and long term strategies not only to improve visitor numbers but also to plan for revenue and profitability.

From Customer To Lovemark

As Philip Kotler said, the best marketing is done by satisfied customers. For this reason, being Lovemark in the eyes of your customers will ensure the continuity of sales and help you gain new customers, which will be the most important foundation of a long-established company.

It was really one of the most beneficial projects for Otsimo. We have increased our search engine visibility by 10 times thanks to SEO support provided by Webtures.

Co-Founder - Otsimo

As a result of the Google ADS study, we achieved and increase by 775% in revenue and 527% transaction increase in just a month with the same advertising budget.

General Manager - BKM Kitap

As a result of the Conversion Optimization study conducted with Fonex Cosmetics, we achieved increase in revenue by 193%, transactions by 233% and conversion rate by 130% in just a month.

Abdülbaki BIYIKLI
E-Commerce Executive - Fonex Cosmetics

From Local To Global

Digital knows no limits of borders, maps and passports. In digital services, we search strategies that address the entire world as a whole and market opportunities at different locations, and then we develop appropriate strategies.

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