Welcome to the Future of Proptech Development

Drive sustainable growth with AI & machine learning, green solutions and IoT.

Strengthen Your Real Estate Business with Digitalization

The latest technology advancements are reimagining how people experience, build, buy, sell, research, market, service and manage properties. Advancing automation, AI-powered and IoT-enabled solutions is critical to guaranteeing sustainable and profitable growth in real estate.

Make the Most of the Biggest Proptech Trends

Win and retain customers with digital experiences, world-class recommendations, smart products and faster operations.
AI & Machine Learning Enablements

Increase sales with AI, data-driven market insights, manual process optimization and next generation search experience.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

Create positive change through green building technology, energy optimization and carbon emission reduction.

IoT Solutions

Get ahead with predictive maintenance, improved tenant experience, property monitoring and smart homes.


Digital Support for All Real Estate Professionals

Increase operational efficiency, deliver advanced investment analytics, automation and data-driven sales. Proptech is gaining momentum.

  • Key Real Estate Agencies
  • Manual process optimization, real-time data insights for the end user, improved search experience, location-based marketing, AI chatbots
  • Bright Commercial Real Estate Service Companies
  • Data-driven market analysis, improved tenant experience, property monitoring and task automation, IoT analytics, RPA, forecasting platforms
  • Real Estate: Real Estate Technology Companies
  • AI-powered platforms, MLOps, conversational interfaces, AI-powered data quality, cloud, real estate applications
  • Handshake Property Management Agencies
  • Property monitoring and automation, IoT analytics, IoT-enabled predictive maintenance, manual process optimization
  • Drawing Commercial and Residential Real Estate Developers
  • AI-powered location analytics, green building technologies, carbon emission reduction, energy optimization, smart homes
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