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Our team of Greentech consultants and technologists have helped organizations of all shapes, sizes and ages reduce their environmental impact with digital solutions.


Salzburg AG

Empowering energy communities with Salzburg AG
UX/UI design and prototyping for early-stage development for a green energy sharing system.
Salzburg AG is a leading greentech company providing innovative energy and infrastructure solutions all over Europe, and has partnered with Netguru to create a particularly rich application enabling peer-to-peer energy trading and sharing.
The company wanted to take advantage of new government regulations that allow citizens to actively participate in the transition away from fossil fuels and contribute to the clean energy transition.
Our team went through an extensive UX/UI design process, from brand workshops and wireframing to prototyping and user testing.
In just two months, Netguru delivered a pixel-perfect prototype validated with real users, running smoothly on desktop and mobile devices.

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