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Webtures Large Language Model (LLM) Development Company

We offer comprehensive LLM development services for your industry-specific needs. Our expertise covers building LLMs from scratch and fine-tuning pre-trained models to fully align with your domain requirements. From inception to optimising existing models, our AI experts provide a customised solution that increases accuracy, efficiency and productivity, ultimately improving your workflows and driving operational excellence.

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Webtures Big Language Model Development Services

Counselling and Strategising

We start with a comprehensive understanding of your unique needs, industry requirements and specific use cases. Using our deep expertise in NLP and ML, we collaborate closely with you to define an LLM strategy that is fully aligned with your business objectives.

Large Language Model Development

By building LLMs from scratch, we enable organisations to gain competitive advantage through improved insights and optimised workflows. We start with initial consulting, followed by data preparation. The model is trained with your data to be fully aligned with your specific business needs.

Corporate Integration and LLM Fine-Tuning

We customise large language models such as GPT, Llama or PaLM for a variety of business-specific use cases such as manufacturing, legal and finance. Our fine-tuned LLMs offer unparalleled performance and provide precise and contextually relevant outputs for improved decision making.

LLLM Support and Maintenance

We provide support and maintenance services to keep your LLMs and LLM-based solutions running smoothly over time.

Technologies and Areas of Expertise

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): Using NLP tools and frameworks such as NLTK, spaCy and TensorFlow, we develop custom NLP models with advanced NLU and NLG capabilities to meet various application needs.
  • Machine Learning and Transfer Learning: Using our expertise in ML development kits such as Scikit-learn, Keras and PyTorch, we build ML-powered solutions integrated with ML models trained with advanced techniques.
  • Sentiment Analysis: We process text data using VADER and NLTK tools and prepare it for LLM training. We then apply machine learning techniques to build powerful AI systems for sentiment analysis based on the trained LLM.
  • Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

    Customer Service

    Chatbots automatically answer customer questions, manage support requests and improve the user experience.

  • Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

    Personal Assistants

    Virtual assistants that perform functions such as calendar management, email sorting and automation of daily tasks.

  • Content Production

    Article and Blog Writing

    LLMs can be used to produce original content on specific topics

  • Content Production

    Product Descriptions

    Creating impressive and SEO-friendly product descriptions for e-commerce sites.

  • Translation and Language Services

    Multilingual Translation

    Accurate and meaning-preserving translations for websites, documents and applications.

  • Translation and Language Services

    Language Learning Tools

    Interactive training tools for users who want to learn a new language.

  • Personalised Recommendations

    Product Recommendations

    Providing personalised shopping experiences based on user behaviour.

  • Personalised Recommendations

    Content Recommendations

    News, articles and video content customised to users' interests.

  • Text Analysis

    Emotion Analysis

    Identify sentiment trends by analysing customer feedback, product reviews and social media comments.

  • Text Analysis

    Keyword Extraction

    Identify important issues and trends from large data sets.

  • Educational Tools

    Educational Material Production

    Creating customised textbooks, quizzes and learning modules.

  • Training Tools

    Exam Preparation Applications

    Customised exam preparation materials and practice questions for students.

  • Scenario Writing

    Advertising Scenarios

    Creative and impressive advertising texts that reflect your brand message.

  • Screenwriting

    Video Content

    Scenarios for social media and marketing campaigns that appeal to your target audience.

These use cases are just a few examples of how Creative AI and LLMs can create value for businesses. As Webtures, we can use these technologies to develop customised solutions tailored to your business needs.

Large Language Model (LLM) Development Process for Webtures

Webtures follows a rigorous and progressive process to provide the most appropriate and effective Large Language Model (LLM) solutions to its customers. Here are the steps of this process

Needs Analysis and Strategy Determination

Customer Interviews and Needs Analysis

In-depth interviews are conducted with clients to understand the scope and objectives of the projects.

Strategy Development

A customised LLM development strategy is created according to business objectives and requirements.

Data Preparation

Data Collection

Collection and organisation of data required for training.

Data Cleaning and Preprocessing

Making the data suitable for model training.

Model Development

Model Architecture Design

Model architecture selection and design in accordance with business requirements.

Model Training

Training the model on the collected data sets.

Model Evaluation

Evaluating the performance of the trained model and making improvements if necessary.

Fine-Tuning and Customisation


Fine-tuning of the model according to the specific needs of the customer.

API Integration

Integration of the model into existing systems and applications.

Integration and Implementation

System Integration

Integration of the developed LLM with the customer's existing IT infrastructure.

User Interface Integration

Presenting the model to end users with a user-friendly interface.

Support and Maintenance

Model Tracking

Continuous monitoring of the model and evaluation of its performance.

Updates and Maintenance

Keeping the model up to date and carrying out maintenance work when necessary.

Feedback and Improvements

User Feedback

Collection of user feedback on the use of the model.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvements to the model based on feedback.

As Webtures, our LLM development process aims to produce high quality and customised solutions that meet the business objectives of our customers. At every step, we aim to maximise customer expectations and create real value in business processes.


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At Webtures, we have extensive experience in delivering industry-leading AI solutions. We owe our excellent delivery record to our calibrated processes and mature product development approach. We deliver high quality solutions that take our customers' businesses to new heights.

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