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Röder Group Turkey

With the Röder Group Turkey brand, we achieved a 385% increase in organic traffic with technical SEO improvements and quality content production.

Röder Group Turkey

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SEO Process


We have prepared an SEO-compatible software infrastructure for Röder Group, which operates in the field of industrial and event tents in 35 countries, by being involved in the design process before the site is published. Afterward, we prepared a roadmap and continued our work with the team. Our goals in these case are,

  • Creating content for our target audience
  • To promote our products
  • To rank #1 on main keywords


After the site was published, we started to create quality content, to increase the organic traffic of the website. While creating our content strategy, we continued our analyzes.

  • We have arranged the developments to meet all of the technical SEO criteria. We brought our site health score to 100% in Ahrefs, one of the most well-known SEO tools.
  • We have developed our internal link strategy by analyzing our content and the products we offer.
  • We have completed our UX-based developments, which Google attaches great importance to.


At this point, we have achieved the following achievements with technical SEO improvements and quality content production.

  • Our traffic from direct inquiries increased by 111%, which shows that our efforts also increase brand awareness.
  • Organic traffic increased by 385%.
  • In addition to all these, we managed to reduce the Bounce Rate by 13%.


Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Direct Queries
Decrease in Bounce Rate

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