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TürkMedya entrusted 13 projects under the roof of TürkMedya to Webtures thanks to the successes achieved with the SEO works done with Akşam newspaper.

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In-Site SEO Analysis
We have analyzed about 90 SEO criteria for AKŞAM, GÜNEŞ and Star newspapers and we have seen that there are many areas on the site that need to be corrected. By stating that these errors are of critical importance, we conducted the correction of the site's errors simultaneously with the software team of TürkMedya. We knew that digital publishing sector competitors wouldn't be empty because the competition rate is very high in this sector, so we analyzed them to the finest detail. We have always started 1 step ahead by determining what kind of SEO work to perform in the upcoming periods. Keyword Detection By analyzing the sites in the sector and the AKŞAM, GÜNEŞ and STAR websites in detail, we have determined the words of search terms and return rates by determining 90 words with a joint decision and determined our keywords.
Keyword Compatible Page Detection
We did analyses like where are the keywords we determined in our keyword analysis located on the site and how many keywords are available on the site. Then, we made the keywords compatible with SEO and created relevant pages.


Organic Traffic

  • Akşam Gazatesi 124%
  • Güneş Gazetesi 59%
  • Star Gazetesi 86%

Ekol Logistics

Became giant in the transportation sector in digital.

T-HOS Law Automation System

We have managed to increase organic traffic by 572% in the last 6 months.

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