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In the last year, Üsküdar University has been able to increase 95% organic traffic, 20.000 organic traffic and received extra 5,000 registration compared to the previous preference period.

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We live in an age where we access almost all the information we need, from quantum physics to dinner recipes, through search engines. This situation makes it inevitable for the brand convoys traveling on the vast information highway of the digital world to hold the top positions. As Üsküdar University, we have given special importance to our SEO activities and decided to cooperate with Webtures, which has carried out important studies in this field, and we have achieved very productive results from the first months. At the point we have reached today, we can say that we have achieved a sustainable momentum in the face of constantly updated algorithms with a first page success of 85%. I congratulate the Webtures team, who contributed to this important achievement together with the software unit of our university, and I think that with a rational point of view, it will carry our SEO performance to even higher levels.
Tahsin Aksu
Tahsin Aksu
Üsküdar University - Corporate Communications Director

Üsküdar University SEO Step


To receive traffic from students and parents during the registration periods. The aim was to increase the content that will guide and inform the audience that will visit the site, as well as to identify the words the target audience searches for and to apply benefit-oriented page updates.

  • Registration periods have been held in June-August for the last 2 years.
  • Traffic peaks during the period of preferences, gets back to normal at the end of the same month.
  • 90% of the target words appear on page 2 and beyond.


The words and competitors searched by the target audience should be examined. It was determined that the target audience would make general examinations based on the department and the facilities provided by the university. Accordingly, content-oriented strategies should be developed for all the parts of the web site.

  • The words the target audience searched for were identified.
  • Link compatibility tests were performed for the section pages.
  • The overall SEO health was improved by crawling the entire site.
  • Old dated articles and general explanations within the site have been updated.
  • Content support was provided for the preparation of user-oriented content.


Accuate analysis of the target audience before the preferences period brought successful results. Especially by enriching the in-page content and increasing readability, we achieved a significant increase in visits. According to the results, an increase in overall word visibility, organic traffic, the number of student registrations and notably in targeted words has been observed.

  • While there were 784 word visibility in Serp, this result was increased to 5498.
  • Compared to the 2-month traffic in the previous preference period, the traffic rate increased by 20,000 number of visits.
  • 85% of the target words were reached within the first page.
  • Organic traffic increased by 95% in 1 year.
  • Organic traffic increased by 15,000 per month compared to the previous year.
  • Together with the support of other marketing channels, the number of student registrations increased by 5,000 compared to the previous year.


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