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SEO for Ersa Saat

Ersa Saat, stands as the Turkey representative of the world-famous watch brands. Ersa Saat is the licensed distributor of the brands Casio, Pierre Cardin, Bulova, Swiss Military and Timberland and present them to their customers' taste. They aim to reach the end user through E-Commerce site.

Ersa Saat

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Ersa Saat SEO Process

Ersa Saat Analysis

Since we were not involved in the infrastructural change processes, we first examined the existing structure prior to the change. Also, analyses are conducted and reporting is done for the rapid recovery of the pages / keywords that were successful in that period.
  • Determination of successful keywords prior to infrastructural change,
  • Determination of the successful pages prior to the infrastructural change,
  • Checking whether the pages that were successful before the infrastructural change remained after the change,
  • Determining the pages that will be compatible for the keywords in terms of brands,
  • Revision and/or reconstruction of existing pages.


Within the scope of the Goals and Analysis studies, in-depth market research was carried out. Our processes have been initiated, considering that the sector's product volume as well as the sector volume is large.
  • Improving the technical SEO competence at the maximum level in line with the possibilities of the infrastructure,
  • Integration the detected pages with the new infrastructure,
  • Revision of the category tree in accordance with the market volume,
  • Improvement of the product detail pages,
  • Production of non-product content and help potential customers to reach Ersa Saat from organic results.


During our cooperation of 6 months, we have recovered the organic traffic loss and together with the last two months of organic traffic, we have reached our traffic in the first month at the level of 243%.

Ersa Saat Başarı Grafiği - 1

Requests (Status)

We were informed that the e-commerce infrastructures they used in the period when we started the SEO processes were changed and that the traffic losses were very high in this process.

Objectives of Ersa Saat:

  • Recovering the traffic lost due to the change in the E-Commerce Infrastructure,
  • Improving the new infrastructure within the framework of e-commerce dynamics,
  • Developing non-product content and reaching potential customers,

Ersa Saat

“Current Situation Just Before Infrastructural Change” Source: Ahrefs

Ersa Saat

“Current Situation Right After Infrastructural Change” Source: Ahrefs

This decline corresponds to 64%.


Organic Traffic Increase
First Page Increase
Keyword Performance

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