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Thanks to the micro-sites created for Asmed, organic traffic grew by 154% in global searches. Such as hair transplant, was carried over to the first page.


Asmed SEO Process

Traffic Distribution by Countries

Because it is very difficult to carry out the off-site SEO works because of the site's appeal to the globe, we have realized the link construction work to be done outside the site by anticipating that there will be difficulties in translating the content to be written due to the fact that the industry is hair transplantation.

By establishing a special blog on the site, we have identified 100 most long-tailed words from the industry and provided them to publish these content on the site and made linkage to related pages from the keywords we aimed at.

  • In addition to this, we have created 3 different micro sites for the site and created a rival for ourselves.
  • After nourishing these 3 blogs with content, we naturally guided Asmed, the main site.
  • In off-site SEO work, the best quality of link will be from your affiliate sites that will get you relevant links.

Organic Traffic Growth Report

Above, the traffic data at the beginning of the year and the traffic data at the end of the year are shown.
The result of 12 months of SEO work is organic traffic growth of 154%.

Ranking of Organic Keyword

The positions and positions in the specified key words are the same as the one on the left.

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