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Asmed Website

Thanks to the micro-sites created for Asmed, organic traffic grew by 154% in global searches. Such as hair transplant, was carried over to the first page.

Asmed Website

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Asmed Website SEO and International Digital Marketing Steps


Despite claiming to serve in Türkiye, we set goals for getting more traffic in European countries since ASMED desires to have their patients preferences from Europe, These goals are:

  • To be at the top of the searches,
  • Ensuring that information about the service provided is transparently shared and converted into sales,
  • Increasing reliability by emphasizing the quality service provided in the clinic in organic searches.


As Asmed is targeting the global market and is located in one of the most competitive sectors, we have determined that we need a little more than average time in work planning. In this regard, we started working by creating a road map to improve the technical infrastructure in the site in order to confront our competitors in a solid manner.

By establishing a site-specific blog, we identified the 100 most sought long tail words from the industry, and provided content to be published within the site, and made link exits from the targeted keywords to their relevant pages. And also;

  • We have created a competitor for ourselves by establishing 3 different micro sites.
  • After feeding these 3 blogs with the content, we naturally directed them to the main site of Asmed.
  • In offsite SEO studies, we have received links from industry-related sites.


In line with all these data, we have achieved a serious increase in organic traffic as a result of 12 Months SEO work.

  • We achieved first page success in Hairtransplant and derivative words.
  • We achieved the first page success in words related to Dr. Koray Erdoğan.
  • With the increase of brand recognition, we made it easy for the conversion of traffic to turn into sales.
  • We have contributed to the budget in ads work by increasing organic visibility.


Organic Traffic Growth
Organic Word Boost

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