Ekol Lojistik
98% Organic Traffic Increase Achieved

Customer: Ekol Lojistik
Sector: Industry
Service: SEO

Ekol Lojistik SEO Process


Word Visibility Increase


Organic Traffic Increase


Ekol Logistics provides services in land, air, sea and railway transport sector. Targets

  • To provide information on services related to transport.
  • Increase traffic and visibility.
  • Improving overall SEO health.
  • To make a site suitable for user experience.


In line with the targets, market research and swot analysis were carried out by analysing the sector and competitors. The subjects that competitors get traffic but Ekol Logistics does not have were identified. In addition, the search behaviours of users in the sector for service procurement were determined. In this direction;

  • Topics related to transport were determined.
  • Technical analyses affecting SEO health were communicated.
  • Suggestions were made for user experience.


During the 4-year working period, dozens of Google algorithm updates, increasing sector competition, etc. Although there are factors such as factors, a continuously accelePuan rise graph has been achieved.

  • A 90% visibility increase was achieved in transport and all derivative words.
  • Organic traffic increase was achieved.
  • Brand awareness was increased through various content strategies.

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