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Ekol Logistics

Ekol Logistics has experienced hundreds of algorithm updates in 4 years long period. Moreover, changing working styles and ever-increasing competition did not affect Ekol Logistics and succeeded in raising its ranking. After each algorithm update, Ekol logistics peaked. SEO leader in all "transportation" and derivative words.


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Ekol SEO Process


Ekol Lojistik provides services in land, air, sea and rail transport sector. Targets:

  • To give information about transportation related services.
  • Increase traffic and visibility.
  • Improving overall SEO health.
  • Make the site user experience friendly.

Ekol Process

In line with the targets, the sector and competitors were examined and market research and swot analysis were carried out. The subjects where the competitors were receiving traffic but not Ekol Lojistik were determined. In addition, the search behavior of users in the industry for the service purchase was determined. In this context;

  • Subject headings related to transportation were determined.
  • Technical analyzes that affect SEO health were submitted.
  • Suggestions were made for user experience.


Throughout the 4-year working period, there were dozens of Google algorithm updates, increased industry competition, etc., but a constantly accelerating uptrend was observed.

  • 90% visibility increased in transportation and all derivative words.
  • Organic traffic increased by 715%.
  • Brand awareness has been increased with various content strategies.


Word Visibility Increase
Organic Traffic Growth

Tchibo SEO Success

Along with weekly changing product themes, we implemented an unprecedented SEO strategy and We increased SEO Non-Brand organic traffic by 122%, order number by 108% and turnover by 124%.

Otsimo SEO Success

In our SEM study with Otsimo, we achieved an interaction rate of 15%.

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