BKM Kitap
102% Organic Traffic Increase Achieved

Customer: BKM Kitap

Sector: Endüstri

Service: SEO

BKM Kitap SEO, ADS and CRO Processes


Organic Word Increase


Organic Traffic Increase


BKM Kitap, Turkey’s largest physical bookstore, expected to increase its organic performance by 2 cards within 1 year as a result of the co-operation with Webtures. Accordingly, the following targets were set.

  • 2-fold increase in organic traffic.
  • Providing more visibility in search queries.
  • Increasing the purchasing tendency of users.
  • Increasing mobile search visibility.
  • To transform the site infrastructure into a healthy state.


In line with the determined objectives, firstly, improvement suggestions were made to solve the existing infrastructure problems on the website. While making these infrastructural improvements, we focused on the work that can be done with the existing infrastructure. The situation of competitors was observed by conducting sector and market researches.

  • Pages and content fictions of long tail searches made by users were created.
  • Categories and product pages have been revised according to current algorithms.
  • All malicious links to the site were detected and blocked.
  • With UX analyses, suggestions were made about the campaigns to be made by determining which days and hours users enter the site.
  • Analyses were carried out for the needs of users by examining user session records.
  • By forwarding the searches that can be supported by ADS studies to our advertising team, extra work was provided in this area.

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