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SEO for BKM Kitap

BKM Kitap, which is Turkey's largest physical bookstore, expecting to increase its organic performance 2 times more within the period of 1 year in collaboration with Webtures.

BKM Kitap

BKM Kitap SEO Success Process


BKM, which is Turkey's largest physical bookstore, expecting to increase its organic performance 2 times more within the period of 1 year in collaboration with Webtures. Accordingly, the following targets were determined.

  • Increasing the organic traffic 2 times
  • Greater visibility in search queries
  • Increasing the buying tendency of users
  • Increasing mobile search visibility
  • Turning the site infrastructure into a healthy state

BKM Kitap Process

In line with the goals, improvement suggestions were made for the solution to the existing infrastructure problems on the website. While making these infrastructural improvements, we focused on the work that can be done with the existing infrastructure. By conducting sector and market researches, the situation of competitors was observed.

  • Searches made during the book buying / finding process were determined.
  • The user behavior within the site was analyzed.

In line with that:
  • Pages and content edits of long tail searches made by users were created.
  • Categories and product pages were revised according to current algorithms.
  • All harmful links to the site were detected and blocked.
  • With UX analysis, suggestions were made about the campaigns to be made by determining which days and times the users entered the site.
  • Analyzing the user session records, analyzes were made for the user needs.
  • Extra work was provided in this field by transmitting the searches that can be supported by ADS studies to our advertising team.


Organic Traffic Growth
Increase SEO Visibility
Organic Word Boost
BKM Kitap ADS and CRO Process


  • Improving overall account quality
  • Increasing the number and revenue of conversions with the existing budget
  • Minimizing the cost/conversion rate
  • Maximizing performance with new strategies and campaigns


After BKM Kitap took over the management of Google Ads ads, optimizations were made on Shopping ads, which were predicted to yield the most efficiency as a result of the first researches.


  • With special offers and groupings, we have portioned out our budget to the groups that have highest conversions at the lowest costs. In addition, with the data obtained as a result of the analyzes made by the Analytics side, the most converting audiences were determined. These audiences have been added to our campaigns on the Google Ads and special offers have been made. We identified categories or products whose yields increased or decreased on a daily and weekly basis and took action to create special offers. As a result of these studies and other similar detail optimizations, we reduced the transaction cost in shopping campaigns by 691% and increased the number of transactions by 693%.
  • We used our specific remarketing lists in our dynamic remarketing campaigns and offered special offers among themselves and directed them to out visitors, inviting them to make a purchase. Thus, we managed to increase the current conversion rate by 9 times.
  • On the search ads side, efforts were made to maximize the quality score on the campaign and ad group tree, and our cost per click was reduced. We reduced our conversion rates while increasing our conversion costs on the search ads side with regulations such as ad text, keyword selection, keyword match types, bidding, ad extensions, device and time-based special offers. As a result, a high conversion rate of 13% was achieved in keywords that have a high generic and competitive rate. In total, Google Ads ads achieved 775% revenue and 527% transaction growth with the same budget.


Conversion Rate
Increased Income
Process Increase Provided

Otsimo SEO Success

In our SEM study with Otsimo, we achieved an interaction rate of 15%.

TürkMedya SEO Success

Due to our success in the evening news, it has handed us 8 different projects in total, such as Akşam, Güneş, Star, 24 TV, 360 TV, Alem Fm, Lig Radio under the roof of TürkMedya.

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