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Since 2015, what successes have we achieved in the Forex sector with forex.com.tr, integralforex.com.tr, integralmenkul.com.tr, integralyatirim.com.tr and integralviop.com.tr? Since 2014, Forex.com.tr has been sharing content for everyone interested in the forex market to get to know the market, gain experience and be aware of the economic developments. So how is the digital side managed? Which sites we are working with? What has been achieved?

Integral Forex

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We have been working with the Webtures family for many years. I used the word "family" on purpose because our projects are managed fondly and willingly by the whole team not by one person. We need to provide our customers with the instant processes that have a potential to affect the parity of the industry quickly, such as, technical analysis on live Forex markets, breaking news, economic explanations. At this point it's okay for us to ignore the SEO criteria. But Webtures shared their SEO experiences with us in the best way, and we achieved significant results in the targets we set in the Forex sector.
Halil Ürkmez
Halil Ürkmez
Software Engineer

Integral Forex SEO Process


Since 2014, forex.com.tr has been sharing content for everyone interested in the forex market to get to know the market, gain experience and be aware of the economic developments.
  • Map the preparations out for the adaptation to the potential algorithmic development process by identifying and complying with Google's past algorithm effects.
  • Our priority is to increase brand search volume with SEO non-brand traffic and subsequent user experience due to the importance of the sectoral effects of the Featured Snippets algorithm.
  • When it comes to the sectoral words, our aim is to reach the first page and to increase medium term commercial capacity with the keywords that have high conversion rates.

Integral Forex Process

  • Among determined 300 longtail "What is ...? , what does ... mean?" researches we started to rank zero and users are given information about the related searches directly.
  • Although the sector is challenging and highly competitive, it is known that success will be achieved in the long run, but strategies are set for all the words that can be reached on the first page in the short run.
  • In the first quarter of 2017, forex.com.tr, integralforex.com.tr and integralmenkul.com.tr have 3 sites in the first 5 row with the main keywords like Forex.
  • In 2017, publication keeps going by directing people to integralforex.com.tr and integralyatirim.com.tr.


First, the studies started with integralforex.com.tr and shortly afterwards the website got to the first page in targeted words. Together with this success, another project of the company, forex.com.tr, is included in the system.

  • After it's publishing, Forex.com.tr takes the first place in the word Forex.
  • Integralmenkul.com.tr, which is included in time, also increases the click and impression rates by more than 100%.
  • In 2017, after the directing of the websites integrationmenkul.com.tr, integralyatirim.com.tr and the right strategy the company sees +5000 added value traffic within 1 month.
  • integralyatirim.com.tr's impressions goes from 15,000 to 94,000.

Integral Forex

Integral Forex Organic Traffic

June 2015 – June 2018 (936% increase in organic traffic in 3 years)

Integral Forex Success - 1


Organic Traffic

June 2015 - January 2017 (Approximately 400% increase in organic traffic)

Integral Forex Success - 2


Integral Yatırım

Impression/ Clicks

(512% increase in impressions in 11 months, 138% increase in clicks)

Integral Forex Success - 3

Integral Viop

Organic Traffic

(403% Organic Traffic Increase in 8 months)

Integral Forex Success - 4



Impression Increase
Click Increase
Organic Traffic Increase


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How Kiğılı that changed its design, software and domain managed to surpass its own store with the highest sales in terms of turnover within 3 months by working with Webtures?

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SEO Non-Brand Organic Sales Increased by 124%: Along with weekly changing product themes, we implemented an unprecedented SEO strategy and We increased SEO Non-Brand organic traffic by 122%, order number by 108% and turnover by 124%.

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