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NPIstanbul Brain Hospital

Thanks to the SEO strategy, we started to be ranked in 250 words and increased our organic traffic by 146%.

NPIstanbul Brain Hospital

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NPIstanbul Brain Hospital SEO Success Process

Analytics of NPIstanbul Brain Hospital

NPIstanbul Brain Hospital was experiencing traffic loss when we started our studies. We started to investigate the causes of traffic loss both by investigating it and examining the technical aspects. We identified a roadmap specific to the adjustments that we set initially and want to take immediate action for.

  • To determine the impact of Google's algorithm updates on our site
  • Increasing appointment rates by ranking on the first page in sectoral searches
  • To identify declining search groups and provide page-specific recommendations
  • Compensate for our traffic decline with keywords that may appear in Featured Snippets


It was necessary to determine the target audience correctly and regain the traffic loss in the fastest way. We developed our strategies by taking into account areas such as identified errors and processes that need to be developed in the content.

  • Before and after comparisons were made with the month in which the decline started.
  • Specifically, unintentionally copied contents were identified.
  • Targeted diseases and loss of ranking in general searches were detected.
  • SEO friendly pages were created for the words we intended to increase our traffic with.
  • Problems in the category tree were identified and a new category tree was created.
  • Structural data errors were solved and search engine bots could crawl through the site.
  • Problems with mobile usability were handled.
  • Necessary training is provided to the content team and it was explained how to create SEO compatible content.
  • By providing special recommendations about Featured Snippets, necessary revisions were made on the pages.


We figured out that the strategies we've followed for the target audience and the needs of our site were right because of the increase in traffic rates, higher click and impression rates than the previous month. Users' stay on the page proved our strategy for the content to be right as well.

  • While there were 190 word visibility in Serp, this result was increased to 7,383 words.
  • The first page was reached in 92% of targeted words.
  • Organic traffic increased 146% on a user-by-year basis.
  • We achieved a 20% increase in appointment rates from users coming from organic traffic compared to last year.
  • Thanks to our special recommendations for Featured Snippets, we started to appear in about 250 words.

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