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Don't go digital, just get emotional!

What is Lovemark Marketing

As it digitalized, mankind loses its emotions! Our emotional reactions are replaced by emojis, our feelings became numb, and communications became digital. We build digital marketing as we're experiencing the essence of being a "human" and We Offer An Emotional Digital Future With Lovemark Marketing!


"The best advertising is done by satisfied customers"

Philip Kotler

Forget about today's technologies, invest in your brand's emotions!

It's More Than Your Brand!

Your Team

Your team and yourself are the real characters that carry the emotions your brand will have. We'll share the lead together.

Your Customers

The emotions of an experienced customer come first, they're more important than the greatest values.

''In the company of sentiment mind remains banal.''

Honore de Balzac

Would you like to be preferred for your price or for your brand?

  • There is a basis for the formation of emotions that makes us like, comment and share an image on social media.
  • Sometimes there's a reason we buy things without paying attention to the price.
  • Sometimes we have a reason to identify ourselves with a brand.
  • Sometimes there's a reason why even the highest budget ads can't attract us.
  • There is an answer to the change in all these decisions: Lovemark Marketing!

%45 of consumers bought their products from the channel that they trust and %25 of them bought from the channel that offers the best price.‍

Webtures CEO

Every investment that cannot be measured has something to do with a vision

You can measure the clicktrough rate, display rate, conversion rate, and CPC of an ad campaign. However, you cannot measure the sense of trust, pleasure, fascination and admiration that the visual, language, colors and communication style of your marketing evokes in the other party. Let others do every measurable investment possible, on one hand you can do it, too. However, the essential growth is obtained through investing in unmeasurables, meaning that you obtain it through investing in emotions and feelings. Therefore, "every investment that cannot be measured has something to do with a vision.''

Kaan Gülten
Webtures CEO

Are You Ready to Conquer Hearts?

People remember how you made them feel, rather than what you said. Lovemark Marketing is the only way to build a process in which your customers will market your products.

I'm ready

Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Digital

Artificial intelligence will come into our lives destructively in the digital field, just like it will in other. However, artificial intelligence makes a prediction for the future based on many data collected of the past. It follows a purely numerical and statistical path. Although, emotions cannot be measured as clearly as figures. Sometimes the effect of an emotional change can occur years later. For this reason, lovemark marketing will perhaps remain the only area where artificial intelligence cannot manifest its impact on digital marketing transformation.

Artificial intelligence focuses on data, and lovemark marketing focuses emotion...

Are you ready to rise?