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We've Grown Every Month in 2.5 Years
SEO is in many ways the most important digital marketing strategy of our time. We would like to thank the Webtures family for the quality service provided in achieving our SEO goals to increase the popularity of our products and services.

Dijital Medya Uzmanı - Yataş

Recent Figures Are Quite Impressive
We started working with Webtures with the new design process in the portal section of HardwareHaber, and then we maintained close relationships to increase the power of our forum and other pages in search engines. In particular, the interest and close attitude of the Webtures team in all processes are among the factors that make the work easier. By working on misuse, past problems and new regulations on all sites, we were able to increase the visibility of the pages in Google.

Yönetici Editör - Donanım Haber

We Planned the Most Difficult SEO Strategy
Despite the content that changes with the weekly themes, the success achieved by the special studies initiated two months in advance according to the annual plan is very valuable for us. Shortly after we launched the theme, we managed to take our place in the first row.

Bilsev ÇATAL
E-Ticaret Müdürü - Tchibo

SEO on the First Page in a Short Time
Our site, which is not even on the first 50 pages of Google search results, is on the 1st and 2nd pages in a very short time as a result of your successful work. Thank you to all your team for this successful work.

Bera Hotel Genel Müdürü - Kombassan Holding

A Young and Dynamic Team
We believe that we have achieved a very good synergy with the young and dynamic team of Webtures. Our work is progressing well in line with our targets, and Webtures has an important role in the development of our brand.

Dijital Pazarlama Müdürü - Elit Yavru

We Achieved Our Goals with Webtures
We have achieved our goals for our website with Webtures' support in terms of both content and software. Our hospital has been serving in the field of health for 20 years. During this time, we had pages with heavy content on our website. As a result of reviewing and editing these contents in accordance with SEO, our pages achieved the targeted success. I am of the opinion that they add value to our institution with their approach to problems, suggesting solutions even on issues that they are not directly related to, and harmonious working styles.

İdari Direktör - NPİSTANBUL Beyin Hastanesi

For Our Country In
the field of health tourism, in which we operate, WEBTURES has supported us in our SEO efforts, taken our place as a partner by providing advice on our digital visibility, and contributed to our growth. WEBTURES has become a stakeholder of this goal in these days when we need foreign exchange earning services the most.

Gülsultan DOĞAN
Co-Founder - MCAN Health

Webtures = Yapay Zeka + İnsan Dehası

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