SEO Hocası entered the world of internet on 10 December 2009. For many entrepreneurs, it made domain names with "hocasi”extension popular. In a short period of time, it became the most visited site. In the word seo, SEO Hocası managed to appear in the first page in just 8 months and took the first place in 1 year.

SEO Hocası succeeded to become the leader of the sector. The strategy it followed, the technical and informative posts followed closely by many people.


These two books of Kaan GÜLTEN in which he combined his 9 years of experience in the sector and 6 years of teaching history, presented in a simple narrative language took their place on the shelves.

The books reached a total sales figure of 64,000 units and they enabled everyone to have knowledge in SEO, which is technical and difficult field. These books talk about the topics that he mastered, which are mentality and development processes of search engines. In the books, he highlights the deficiencies of the search engines and the points they can reach once the books are read. Algorithms applied after the release date of the books justified the author's predictions on this subject.

SEO Hocası and With Questions SEO

SEO Hocası

Today, with the development of technology, the rapidly growing e-commerce sector has created and developed new sectors. Foremost among them, search engine optimization, in other words SEO, is the most important one since it affects the sales figures of the companies directly. It is of great importance that this study, which is parallel to the efficiency of the studies and the profitability of the companies, is effective, ethical and permanent. Many virtual and printed sources provide thousands of information about SEO. Although, the information and techniques provided by these sources are not convenient all the time and they're very difficult to put into practice. Unlike many other sources, this book provides practical solutions to the most common problems that website owners, webmasters and SEO experts encounter.

SEO Hocası and SEO From Expert

SEO Hocası

This book is about the most important factor in the development of the web world, SEO, is written for Turkey to adapt this development and to fill the information gap in the country. SEO studies in Turkey being dependent on external sources has reduced the momentum in the development of SEO, caused studies in the sector to remain limited and wrong practices to be born. The SEO book, which we started as the second branch of SEO Hocası that aims to eliminate all misconceptions and methods applied in Turkey, sets an example of success achieved in a short span of time by focusing on the principles of integrity and honesty in seo studies.