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Are landing pages good for seo?

Valentina Bellamy
Valentina Bellamy
3 years ago 1413 Views

Hello! I want to try to make my website as landing. Is it good for SEO?

Are landing pages good for seo? Answers

  • Yuliia Merkieieva
    Yuliia Merkieieva 30 December 2020 at 14:01

    SEO optimization of a landing page is not much different from promoting any other site. To successfully reach the TOP, it is not enough to optimize only the text on the page – only complex work will bring a good result.

    Link the page to a specific region.
    You shouldn’t promote one landing page all over the country at once. In this case, you will compete with a huge number of multi-page sites, so it will be almost impossible to achieve success. It is better to create several landing pages and set your own promotion region for each. You can do this in Yandex.Webmaster (“Site Information – Regionality”).

    Optimize your page loading speed.
    It is important for users that the landing page loads quickly enough. If it takes more than three seconds to load, they are more likely to leave the page. This can also affect indexing speed by search robots: they, like users, will leave pages that take a long time to load and will not include them in the index. Therefore, regardless of what you are promoting (a full-fledged website or a landing page), you need to monitor the page loading speed. One of the solutions is to reduce the weight of images, remove pop-up elements, etc.

    Adapt the page for mobile devices.
    Every year more and more people use mobile devices to find information on the web. To do this, use a responsive layout or create a separate mobile version of the page.
    Work out your meta tags.

    For successful promotion in search engines, the title and description tags must contain keywords. At the same time, avoid unnatural occurrences (for example, “how to go to the USA quickly and cheap tickets Canada America”). Otherwise, the page will be pessimistic in the search results.
    Perform text optimization.

    The text should be broken into small semantic blocks with short, catchy phrases. If you want to do SEO for a landing page (that is, promote it in search), optimize your content by the principles of LSI copywriting, as well as taking into account the requirements of the algorithms of Yandex (Baden-Baden, Korolev) and Google (Panda “,” RankBrain “).

    As with meta tags, avoid unnatural occurrences. Besides, keyword density should not be high. Otherwise, search engines will consider the text over-optimized and pessimize the SERP pages. However, the texts must meet the requirements of search engines and meet the needs of users. Therefore, when creating and optimizing content, first of all, pay attention to the fact that it is interesting.
    Improve external ranking factors.

    Various resources must link to a landing page to become an authoritative platform for search engines. We are talking about quality links: post them on forums, blogs, and thematic sites. Set up social media widgets on the page so that users can share them. This will also positively affect the promotion: links from the largest social networks have a lot of weight and get into the search engine index quickly enough.
    Work out commercial ranking factors.

    Search engines take into account the quality of the provision of goods and services on the site. Working out commercial factors helps to advance in the search and increase the number of conversions. Therefore, be sure to include contact information, USP and other commercial elements (calls to action, images, detailed descriptions) on the landing page.

    Work out behavioral ranking factors. It is crucial for search engines that the page is useful to users. To improve behavioral factors, add videos, sliders, and other interactive elements that will grab people’s attention and make them spend more time on the landing page, leave a request, or make a purchase. Improve usability so that the page is fully responsive to the audience’s needs.
    Promotion of your landing page in search engines will bring you additional free traffic and more conversions. And although it is more difficult to promote landing pages than regular websites, you can achieve success with the right approach.

  • Webtures
    Webtures 23 October 2020 at 14:12

    Hello! SEO will not work for landing pages that sell promotional or seasonal products or related to an event or event, so order an advertising campaign for them. If a product is not searched on the Internet, there will be no semantics for it. This will also make it difficult for the seo promotion of the landing page.
    Also, check if your competitors’ landing pages are in the top of the SERPs. If there are only informational websites or broad-based online stores, the landing page will not be able to get to the top.

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