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Does server location affect seo?

Alby Mair
Alby Mair
2 weeks ago 483 Views

Hello! I would like to choose a server for my website. Will it really affect SEO?

Does server location affect seo? Answers

  • Yuliia Merkieieva
    Yuliia Merkieieva 16 November 2020 at 16:34

    Hello! Yeah, has some kind of effect. Let me tell you why:
    1. Site availability.

    Users and search engines must first access the site. The hosting provider must provide the highest uptime possible not only for the servers themselves but also for the network. The prolonged unavailability of a domain can adversely affect the rankings of your site.

    Probably, the ability of some regional providers to quickly respond to problems or, for example, to resist DDoS attacks, is less than that of well-known hosters with servers in large cities.

    2. Site loading speed.

    Several factors affect download speed. The main ones are: server response time, server performance and server load.

    The lower the response time (ping), the faster (in theory). Visitors to lightweight sites with few graphical and dynamic elements will not notice the difference between a site hosted in their city or in another country/continent. Owners of sites with many graphic elements and emotional blocks should consider moving the site geographically closer to the target users.

    Server performance. Pay attention to the equipment that the hosting provider uses. Self-respecting hosting providers do not save on equipment and use time-tested server solutions, not desktop servers with cheap Chinese components. You can always get detailed information on this issue from the support service.

    Server load. Unfortunately, you cannot find out this indicator in advance. Most hosting providers provide a trial period of 5-10 days. Take advantage of this opportunity, host a small site on the server, or use some scripts to evaluate the server’s performance.

    Search engines have different attitudes towards website loading speed, but one thing is certain: the lower the website loading speed, the better it is. According to some observations, most search engines rank higher sites with the lowest page load time.

    3. Geographic location.

    Yes, the geographic location of the server can affect the search results. For example, Yandex can rank higher in the regional search results for sites that are located closer to the target audience. Nevertheless, many projects focused on the CIS feel great in Europe, and even in the USA.

    The fact is that local hosting is not the only way to attach a site to a region. If the site contains contacts (city, phone with area code), search engines can automatically link. You can also specify the region in the webmaster’s panel.

    4. Neighbors on the server.

    The server hosting your site must be free of spammers, phishing sites, sites that distribute malicious software, etc. The list of sites on a specific IP can be viewed using specialized resources.

    Here are the main points to watch out for. Based on the preceding, we can conclude that a hosting provider can significantly impact your resource’s promotion. Do not choose dubious hosting, or low quality and unstable, but local service. Ultimately, a more expensive and reliable but remote server in Europe, for example, maybe a better option.

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