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How Can İ İmprove My User Experience?

Charlie Byrne
Charlie Byrne
2 years ago 1643 Views

Hi, İ am an online business owner and İ want to know can İ improve my user experience?

How Can İ İmprove My User Experience? Answers

  • webtures
    Webtures 02 February 2022 at 11:55

    We all know that users have no patience when it comes to finding information online, that’s why in order to improve your UX, you should start by promoting the 3 clicks rule of design, which means, make it easier for users to navigate and make sure they find information in just 3 clicks over improving the functionality of your site. You have also to take into account the expectations and needs of users. Use the storytelling to connect with the user and create emotion. make navigation on the website or elsewhere easier and remarkable.

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