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How do I get a higher CTR?

Tilda Yonge
Tilda Yonge
3 years ago 646 Views

What are the ways to get more CTR rates?

How do I get a higher CTR? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 18 February 2020 at 11:24

    When the click-through rate of our page increases, the traffic of the users coming to our page naturally increases, so the site increases in direct proportion to the position.

    Factors determining click rate:
    Title value
    URL: As a result of the search engine, it gives information such as images, user comments and votes.
    Title – Meta Description: It is the section that gives information about the content on the page and informs what will happen when the user enters the page while he is on the search engine page.
    If data is marked, the visible parts

    When collecting data to increase the click-through rate, it should be determined which queries come to the page. In this, as I explained earlier from Search Analyitcs, data can be obtained using the necessary metrics. You can increase the conversion rate by performing the appropriate tests for your site.

    If you know how to take a closer look at your site, it is quite easy to find and test useful versions in the design and content of your website. These tests can help you troubleshoot problem areas and provide an ideal experience for visitors to your site.

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