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How do I improve keywords for seo optimization?

Connor Byrne
Connor Byrne
3 years ago 721 Views

I need keywords for SEO on my own website. What strategy and planning do I need to follow?

How do I improve keywords for seo optimization? Answers

  • Frankie Hayes
    Frankie Hayes 24 February 2020 at 22:47

    Doing keyword research will help you produce different content in the long run. You can start using these phrases in your content by listing the keywords that may be relevant to your industry, products and services, and taking into account the search volumes of these phrases.

    Use titles to interact

    You should be careful to use attention and interesting titles that users can interact with, especially on your arrival pages and in the titles of your blog posts. You can dwell on the following concepts in heading selections:

    Talk about how something is done
    Provide information that will establish authority
    Choose intriguing sentences
    Use phrases that highlight the benefit of a product or service
    Reveal different aspects of your product from competitors
    List keyword groups that may be relevant

    In addition to the keywords that you have specifically determined for the content of the article, identify other phrases that may be related to this phrase. These related keyword groups are important for you to further improve the content of your post and provide traffic on different keywords.

    Do not fill the content with keywords during the writing process

    One of the mistakes to be made during the content writing process is to stack all the keywords you find in the article. Since Google no longer approves such approaches, you need to use a more natural language and create meaningful sentences in the content writing process. At this point, the main thing to consider is to think about how users search for these keywords when making a search query. Thus, it is a better approach to create content that can respond to the sentence and word structures they use in their search queries.
    The ratio of keywords to words in the general text should be around 3 percent. For this reason, using keywords very intensely may harm your content.

    Use subtitles in the article

    Using subtitles in the article will make your content easier to read and the keywords you use in these titles can answer the questions of the users in the search results.
    In addition, Google has started to highlight the subtitles prepared in list form for a while. As you can see in the example below, the subtitles in the article are presented in a list as a result of the search.
    At this point, you can respond to users’ search queries and keep them more on the site, improving the user experience.

    Use images and add subtags

    Using images in the article helps you increase the value of the page, as well as enhancing the user experience and provides a positive contribution to SEO as it allows users to spend more time on the site.

    It is very important that you go to increase the value of the article and the page with different images that may be related to the content of the article. However, using keywords in the names of the images you use and using descriptive sub-labels will ensure that these images are indexed correctly. In this way, you can also provide traffic to your site through visual searches.

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