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How good is my seo?

Ann Farrow
Ann Farrow
1 year ago 645 Views

Hello! How can I check my search engine optimisation? What is good SEO?

How good is my seo? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 06 November 2020 at 13:47

    You can assess the quality of the current search engine optimization using an audit – a series of checks for a site’s compliance with specific parameters. The success of promotion in search engines is directly influenced by the quality of the code and content, optimization for mobile devices, page loading speed, user-friendliness, availability of links, etc.
    The analysis will help you solve three problems:
    Rate the quality of the good seo website. Understand how much the website needs optimization and improvements.
    Plan the scope of work. The more inconsistencies the audit reveals the more improvements will be required.
    Understand the quality of optimization after revisions. If you have already completed the improvements, then using online services, you can check how much your site’s level has grown.
    You don’t have to subscribe to paid services to check your site quickly. We’ll tell you how to conduct a quick audit using free and limited versions of paid services.

    What we will evaluate:
    The website’s technical side includes loading speed, server response codes, mobile operation, responsive design, etc.
    The text’s quality, its optimization for search queries, the design of pictures, the presence and quality of meta descriptions of pages.
    The number and quality of donors.
    How many users like the site can be determined by the depth and time of views and bounces percentage.
    Each of the points can be assessed in several services at once, but we suggest starting with a comprehensive online audit. Several services allow you to quickly and “by eye” evaluate the quality of the site. Since all automatic services provide almost the same information, it makes no sense to choose a specific one – you can use any.

    The audit plan will look like this:
    Automatic express analysis. Superficially assess the quality of the website.
    Evaluation of the technical part by separate services. We estimate the website loading speed, the correctness of the robots.txt, server response for non-existent pages, search engine visibility.
    We are checking the link profile. We look at how many sites link to us, their quality, and link anchors.
    As a result of such an audit, you can quickly get an idea of ​​your site’s health. However, if you want to get in-depth analysis, for example, before search engine optimization and drawing up a work plan, order a professional SEO audit from specialists.

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