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How important are alt tags for seo?

Ann Kaperman
Ann Kaperman
2 years ago 849 Views

Hey! Should I use alt tags for my SEO? What is alt tag in SEO?

How important are alt tags for seo? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 27 October 2020 at 14:01

    Hello! The graphic image will load correctly even if it does not have the specified alt and title tags. But in this case, the benefits of SEO for images become unavailable.
    If you spend a little time and create an alternative description for images, the webmaster gets the following opportunities:

    inform the search robot with important data;
    attract new visitors;
    increase the loyalty of your audience.

    Search engines analyze graphic elements of sites for uniqueness, but they do not know how to determine their thematic focus. And if the site owner wants the search crawler to perceive the image correctly, he must write alt text for it.
    In addition to the main search, Google and Yandex have an additional image search service. By creating an optimized description of image tags, the webmaster increases the chances that internet users will be able to find his site using this service.

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