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How much is seo per month?

Kathy Harmon
Kathy Harmon
1 year ago 623 Views

Hi! I would like to order SEO, how much should I pay?

How much is seo per month? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 15 September 2020 at 19:51

    Hello! Let me tell me all types.

    Hourly payment

    This option is suitable for large projects. Using this calculation system, the customer can have a complete idea of ​​the work done, how long it takes to complete it and the exact cost of certain actions.

    As a rule, companies working on this principle have a minimum cost of an hour, and the cost of an hour can increase from the complexity of the task and the level of the specialist involved. This model is suitable for large sites that plan to work for a long time and develop each area of ​​their activities.


    simplicity and transparency of calculations;
    precise distribution of the work schedule;
    clear budget allocation.


    the final amount may exceed the budget, as some process may take longer;
    SEO agencies are tightly regulated by hours of work, so if urgent changes are needed, they can be busy with another project.

    One-time payment

    This type of payment is usually practiced for SEO audit or consulting. That is, it is a one-time job that takes a certain amount of time. In 90% of cases, you will be told a fixed price and you just have to wait for the result.


    a clear understanding of what will be emphasized in the work;
    accurate planning of resources and time.


    the specialist may not be interested in the result for the long term;
    most of the performers refer to such projects on the principle of “Profit here and now”.

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