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How much to charge for local seo?

Christian Ramirez
Christian Ramirez
1 year ago 919 Views

Hello! Please tell me the price of a local SEO, I want to try to find clients in my city

How much to charge for local seo? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 04 September 2020 at 18:17

    There are three main ways of paying with promotion specialists: monthly, hourly, one-time. If you have a large site, then the hourly pay may end up being much more than your marketing budget.

    A one-time calculation also has disadvantages: the contractor may not be interested in providing services on a long-term basis, which will affect their quality.

    Monthly fixed payment is the best option for promotion in search, along with which you get:

    Constant project support: at any time you can ask a question or quickly solve the problem.

    A clear understanding of how much money you will pay for the next 3-6 months of promotion and what kind of return on investment you can expect.

    This method of pricing is justified if you:

    Plan your time and budget strictly. An online store is a good example. On it you need to regularly expand the product range, and optimize new Internet pages for search engines. Usually this is about the same amount of work from month to month.

    Already in the TOP, but you need to maintain the result. Website ranking factors are constantly changing, therefore, to maintain high positions, it is necessary to regularly carry out optimization work.

    Small business representative. If you have a narrow focus on business and limited tools to drive traffic from search, then a monthly payment for services with a fixed price will be a great solution.

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