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How to become google seo certified?

Joel Nolan
Joel Nolan
1 week ago 580 Views

Hello! I want to know how to become google SEO certified?

How to become google seo certified? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 16 September 2020 at 19:07

    There are three ways to acquire the knowledge and certifications you need:

    Practice. A long and risky path associated with independent experiments in the field of search engine promotion. You will need your own website (preferably several) and some amount that will be spent on keeping it active. Information can be taken in the blogs of specialists – there are really a lot of them.

    Theory. Textbooks, sites, master classes. The amount of theoretical material is impressive, but becoming a top SEO using this method requires serious self-discipline and an unrelenting desire to learn. Not the easiest option is how to try to learn a foreign language solely from a book.

    A combination of practice and theory. SEO specialist courses are the easiest and most affordable way. Its advantage is the ability to immediately put knowledge into practice, and your success will be monitored by experts to help you avoid problems. The practice + theory method requires free time (usually in the evenings) and some financial investment.

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