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How to get seo traffic?

Sharmin Washington
Sharmin Washington
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Hello! How to get search engine traffic?

How to get seo traffic? Answers

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    Webtures 08 September 2020 at 15:59

    SEO-Traffic is a service of search engine promotion of a website in search engines Google, Yandex with payment for traffic.

    Compilation of the semantic core
    A well-composed semantic core will be able to provide a targeted increase in visitors.

    Optimizing pages
    We carry out a complete optimization of the page content according to the compiled semantic core.

    Preparing Meta Tags
    For correct indexing by Google and Yandex search engines, we prepare Meta-tags on all pages of the site.

    SEO audit
    Analysis of all pages of the site for SEO errors, search for all kinds of problems with indexing, exclusion of external links, as well as preparation of the site for passing the Google PageSpeed ​​Insights tests.

    SEO audit
    Preparing service files

    Preparing service files
    For the correct interaction of search engine robots with the site, it is necessary to prepare service files: Robots.txt, Sitemap.xml

    Webmaster connection
    Connecting the webmaster Google and Yandex will allow you to monitor in real time the correct interaction of search engines with the site.

    Webmaster connection
    Promotion to the TOP of Google and Yandex

    Website promotion in the TOP of Google and Yandex
    We carry out guaranteed SEO-site promotion by “white” and “manual” methods in the TOP of Google and Yandex search engines within 6-9 months.

    Monthly reporting
    At the end of each month, we draw up a report on the results and send it to the client for review.

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