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How to increase my quality score in sem?

Vishal Montes
Vishal Montes
3 years ago 1342 Views

Hi, I want to increase my quality score in sem. How can I find out my sem quality score. In an SEM auction, your Quality Score is based on which aspect of your ad? Please help me guys.

How to increase my quality score in sem? Answers

  • Johny Werdow
    Johny Werdow 09 December 2020 at 17:46

    The critical metric for traffic quality is “Site Traffic”, which reflects the number of site visitors. To obtain a better effect, it is advisable to analyze the attendance over a longer period in 3-6 months. The analysis will uncover bottlenecks in traffic content and finalize individual snippets and make them attractive.

    The indicator “traffic sources” reflects the address of the search engine, browser, banner, link from which the user got to the resource. To improve the quality of traffic, it is necessary to pay attention to the semantic core content and improve the quality of banner, contextual and targeted advertising and make them more useful.

    To assess the quality of the traffic based on “Measure of usefulness”, it is necessary to consider the indicator “Demography”, considering the gender and age characteristics, social status, one can find reserves for improving the quality of traffic.

    One of the critical quality indicators is the “Loyalty” indicator, reflecting the number of users who returned to the resource again. A loyalty rate in the range of 30-40 percent reflects a high level of loyalty and high-quality commercial site traffic.

  • Kayson Chang
    Kayson Chang 04 September 2020 at 00:03

    Each brand wants its own ad to always be on top of Google searches and click on the most appropriate ad. The bid per click is the most important factor to rank high on Google searches. The user will want to click on the ad at the lowest cost, but it is not possible with good intentions or a quality product or a very good idea. As we all know by now, Google ar answer wants to combine it with the most relevant and highest quality content. In doing so, it uses many factors for ad rank. One of the most common factors related to ad rank and cost-per-view is the quality score.
    So What is Quality Score?
    “Quality score; The quality of your ads, keywords and landing page wallpapers is an estimate. High quality ads can be purchased, better ad purchase.
    Your Quality Score and its components (estimated tracking, ad relevance, and landing page experience) reported on a scale of 1-10 are in the “Keyword Analysis” area of your account.
    The higher your Quality Score for your ads and landing pages, the more likely you are.
    Quality score is an aggregated estimate of your overall performance in ad auctions, and determining Ad Rank is not used during auction. ”
    Looking at this definition, an effect of quality score on ad rank can be considered, but it is a result and its recalculated at impression. Quality score is the numerical value out of 10 of your ad’s quality. Only quality advertisements, advertisements or meetings are not posted.
    There is a single definition and formula for ad rank in many sources. Ad Rank = CPC Bid * Quality score. According to this formula, your Ad rank is simply determined by your Cost Per Click bid and Quality Score. But when we look at Google’s explanation on this issue, there is a completely different definition. ”Ad Rank; your bid, auction time ad quality, Ad Rank thresholds; It is determined by the combination of factors such as search context and the impact of ad extensions. If we formalize this definition as above; Ad Rank = CPC Bid * (Ad Quality + Ad Rank thresholds (ad position + subject of search + attribute + user signals) + Ad Extensions + User’s device + Search Context).
    It was a little complicated, but; Acting with this definition, we see that there is no quality score term in the formula. Quality score components continue to be among the factors that directly affect ad rank for the definition of expected click-through rate, ad relevance and landing page experience, and ad quality. In other words, there are many factors to add to the quality score components. Google’s always claim to show the best quality ad to the most relevant user has made the ad quality the most important component of the costs per click and ad rank. The quality of an ad means its relevance to the search term, the use of all ad extensions and additional features. However, the subject of the search and the user who makes the search are also among the factors that affect your ad rank. So to someone who searches from a mobile device, the ad quality score that is not prepared with this search-specific ad model and features can result in high costs per click, no matter how high. one of the most important goals to achieve, still reduce costs and rise to the top. It should not be forgotten that; Users search and view your ads from a wide variety of devices, screens and locations. Preparing ads suitable for all these variables will make it easier to rank at the top.
    When estimating the expected impact of extensions and ad formats, we consider factors such as relevance, click-through rates, and how prominent the extensions or formats are on the search results page. So, even if your competitor bids higher than you, you can get a higher position at lower cost by using highly relevant keywords and ads.
    Your Ad Rank is recalculated each time your ad is eligible to show and competes in an auction. Therefore, depending on your competitiveness at that time, the context of the user search, and the quality, your ad position may differ each time.
    It is the minimum bid that must be placed for your ad to appear in a particular location. Ads must meet the relevant quality threshold to be eligible to show. In this way, the quality advertising experience can be sustained. Ad Rank; Your bid is determined by combining factors such as auction time ad quality, Ad Rank thresholds, search context, and the impact of ad extensions. Ad Rank thresholds are determined by your ad quality. These thresholds; ad position is adjusted according to various factors such as the subject and nature of the search, user signals and characteristics (eg location and device type). Ad Rank thresholds provide an accurate assessment of ad quality as well as advertiser bid and value.
    For example, the Ad Rank thresholds that ads must reach to show above the search results are higher than the thresholds for ads below the search results. In this way, users are more likely to see high-quality ads on the page and real CPCs reflect the value of the ad position on the page. Your Ad Rank is calculated based on your competition with other advertisers and the Ad Rank thresholds your ad should reach. Even if your ad is the only ad eligible to show, and no competitors reach the Ad Rank thresholds, you must pay the minimum amount required to exceed the thresholds. This means that depending on your ad quality and Ad Rank thresholds, your ad can be relatively expensive, even if no ads are shown just below them.

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