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How to learn seo and ppc?

Kathy Wills
Kathy Wills
3 years ago 1292 Views

Hello! I am interested in PPC and SEO. How to start to learn it?

How to learn seo and ppc? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 26 September 2020 at 00:54

    Hello! You can study using video lessons!
    PPC advantages
    starts quickly and gives quick results (24 hours);
    good for starting promotion work;
    good for seasonal projects;
    many different ad formats (remarketing, Google shopping, display media, etc.);
    you can quickly test a new product or niche;
    will help you quickly check the effectiveness of the new design and changes on the site;
    allows you to get the target audience on all devices.

    In most cases, the effect of SEO will be stronger than that of contextual advertising. But you need to wait for it from 6 months, and sometimes even about a year. Why is it still used?

    Search traffic will continue to go to the site even after you stop financially supporting this internet marketing channel.

    SEO benefits

    The main advantage that most SEO proponents point out is that there is no need to inject large sums in a short period.

    Your task is to have a clear plan of action, and its stages can be implemented as funds become available. That is why in the battle “Promotion in Search Engines vs Context”, beginners often choose the first option.

    Moreover, if your site has already entered the Tops of search results, the likelihood that he will leave it in the near future is small. This way, you can reduce your SEO funding with minimal loss of search traffic and switch your focus to a different type of marketing.

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