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How to stop google ads?

George Wilson
George Wilson
3 years ago 2624 Views

While working with an advertising company in Google ADS, it is periodically necessary to stop the company on certain days or under certain conditions. How to do it?

How to stop google ads? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 01 December 2020 at 16:13

    Hello! Let’s go further, you can automatically turn on / off not only campaigns, but also individual ads. For example, you have promotions or special offers that are valid at a specific time or day. Let’s set up a Promotion that is valid only on weekends.

    Go to the section “Announcements and extensions”
    We select some or all ads. Click “Edit” -> “Create Automated Rule”
    Rule type “Include ads”
    In the item “Apply to ads” select “All active ads”

    In the conditions, we need to set which ads should be used, if your ads contain “Promotion”, you can make a condition for all ads that contain this word by clicking + in the conditions, selecting “Ad text”, writing contains “Promotion” and click “APPLY ”.

    The action in the example should be valid only on weekends, for this we select the frequency of “Weeks”, day of the week “Saturday” and time morning.

    How do I turn off Google ADS for the holidays? Optimization of work.
    We call it “Weekend ON” for convenience.
    We make a similar rule with the “Pause ad” type.
    In the periodicity we change to Sunday and 23:00.
    Save as “Weekend OFF”.

    Now, promotional ads will turn on and off themselves at the right time.
    Automation tools in Google ADS provide many opportunities to speed up and simplify work with the system, this article describes only a few of them.

    Dynamically change bids on keywords, depending on the day of the week or time of day, this is useful when you want to increase the flow of customers in low-activity times and vice versa to decrease them at a time when there are too many of them. Control your budget with a specific ad display schedule.
    Pause low-performing ads based on statistics for a certain period.

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