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How to use yoast seo free?

Kerol Bows
Kerol Bows
3 years ago 1198 Views

Hello! Is it possible to use yoast seo for free?

How to use yoast seo free? Answers

  • Yuliia Merkieieva
    Yuliia Merkieieva 06 October 2020 at 14:57

    Hello! The Yoast WordPress SEO plugin is simple enough that even novice users can figure it out. To take advantage of all its possibilities for promoting your site in search engines, the plugin must be configured. The developers have created a tutorial.
    The Yoast WordPress SEO widget is added to the post edit page, where you can see how the post will be displayed in search engines. This way you can check to what extent the article titles and descriptions can grab the attention of users.

    For each posted article, the description, title, keywords, as well as the frequency of their use in the text are analyzed. In the social networks tab, you can add captions to the article for Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

    SEO by Yoast Features:
    Makes optimization for social networks
    Automatically generates XML sitemaps
    Has a built-in function for analyzing content
    There is an option to preview what the title and description of the article will look like on Google
    Robots.txt and .htaccess can be edited

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