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Is SEO the same as SEM?

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Do SEO and SEM do the same? If not, can you tell us a little bit what are the differences between the two?

Is SEO the same as SEM? Answers

  • Raylee Hayes
    Raylee Hayes 19 February 2020 at 10:27


    SEO and SEM are different digital marketing channels. The studies differ in the same way. You can also see the differences of these two channels below.

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) stands for Search Engine Optimization in Turkish. SEO is the study that allows you to appear at the top of the searched word in Google and other search engines.

    SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is Search Engine Marketing. Ads ads are the most popular of these marketing tools.

    The differences of these two marketing types are as follows.

    – Persistence
    SEM ads will appear for your budget. However, since permanence does not depend on the budget in SEO studies, you can always appear in the first place as a result of correct optimizations.

    – Speed
    When you use SEM ads, you can quickly appear in the top spots. In SEO studies, the efficiency is taken between 4-6 months. This period may vary depending on the industry and competition. However, users may no longer prefer to click on your result even if you advertise because they know which results are advertising and which results are organic.

    – Cost
    The more budget you spend on SEM, the more it depends on the material as you will stay in the advertisement. Since the cost of the keywords determined in the advertisements you will give is variable, it is not at a fixed cost. SEO studies are not as costly as SEM, cost is deducted from the determined budget and studies continue at the same cost.

    – Click Rate
    Clickthrough rate may vary depending on the targeted keyword. However, SEM ads may no longer be clicked because users have higher click-through rates to organic results. The reason for this is that users are not offered the right content through advertisements.

    – Brand awareness
    Since you will be as visible as your budget in SEM studies, your brand awareness will be as much as your budget. But as a result of SEO studies, when you are visible in more than one word in your industry, your brand awareness will be higher.


    If your brand is new or highly known and you are passive on the online side, I recommend you to apply both marketing techniques. When your brand awareness increases, you can reduce your costs on the SEM side by doing the budget planning again.

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