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Search engines discover pages

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What are the results of the searches? How does this process work?

Search engines discover pages Answers

  • Stella Graham
    Stella Graham 17 February 2020 at 21:23

    It scans using its own web browser. Search engine bots to web browsers. The search engine surfs the web to track web pages and links, as well as discover new things that open.

    Search Engine Directory

    It is added to the data structure called index on the website found by the search engine. It contains information about the content of a URL, not just the web-based URL. Directories basically contain the following information;

    Keywords on the page,
    Topics covered by the pages,
    What is on the page,
    When is the last day of the pages review,
    How the page works in interaction with, is.
    Search Engine Algorithm

    Search engine algorithms work to deliver a high quality result to its query as quickly as possible. The user selects an option from this list. This action turns into a factor by examining the search engine for later.

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