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What are all benefits of SEO?

Rueben Lawson
Rueben Lawson
3 years ago 570 Views

Is SEO difficult to do? How can we see the benefits of SEO on a website? Does SEO have advantages as well as disadvantages?

What are all benefits of SEO? Answers

  • Erhan Kolci
    Erhan Kolci 12 March 2020 at 10:11

    I can say that doing SEO work will be difficult if you do not have technical knowledge.

    The biggest advantage of SEO work is that when it is done correctly, it is permanent and not visible when you invest money in Google, such as ads service. You don’t have to constantly invest money in Google for SEO. In addition, there is a highly conscious audience searching today. These people directly click on organic search results rather than advertised results. In this way, if they are the first in organic, they get the impression that this site is the most correct site in terms of information. If the user gets the most accurate information from this site as he / she guessed, it will gain extra trust.

    SEO studies do not have many disadvantages. However, without the knowledge of the site owner, many manipulative procedures can be performed with certain software and technical knowledge. Eg Hacklink study. Procedures such as placing the links of other sites on the site without the knowledge of the site owner, and backlinks in the rankings by getting backlinks from the worthless sites without the site owner, can be provided. Although these are considered as the most important disadvantages, these procedures can be prevented by providing routine controls.

    If you advertise the advantages of SEO studies on a website, you can cut your advertising budget from this word when you reach the first place with the SEO work to be made in the word you advertise. Thus, you can allocate budget for other channels. Also, if you consider that it is a long-term investment and the progress time may increase or decrease according to the difficulties of the words, you should construct a very patient and regular study.

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