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What are off page SEO factors?

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What are the important factors in off-page SEO? What is off-page SEO for?

What are off page SEO factors? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 01 March 2020 at 20:29


    Off-Site Seo is still an important factor for our work.

    Off-Site SEO (Off-Page SEO) covers all kinds of advice and reference links and promotions of your website from external sources. All works and backlinks of your website such as link creation, social media promotions, site promotions are included in the scope of Off-Site search engine optimization.

    Off-Page SEO; It is very important for the image and popularity of your site. But if off site SEO techniques are used unconsciously, it can even be harmful; it can damage your image. Manipulation techniques should be avoided.

    Backlinks (Backlinks
    Backlinks (Backlinks
    Sponsored Content and Like Sponsored Content
    Google My Business
    Being a Guest Writer
    Natural Backlink
    Focus on sites with the target audience

    Studies like are the main items that will help you in your off-site SEO work.

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