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What is a serp seo?

Andy Bower
Andy Bower
2 weeks ago 451 Views

Hello! I heard that SERP SEO important thing, what is it?

What is a serp seo? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 05 October 2020 at 14:09

    Hello! SERP (Search engine results page) is a search engine results page automatically generated in response to a user request. This page is formed from websites and resources that best respond to the user’s request. The ordering of sites corresponds to the ranking algorithms of a particular search engine. For example, in Yandex there will be one search result on request, and in Google it will be completely different, since the methods of ranking these search engines differ. Along with web resources, the search results may also contain individual files if they have been indexed. For example, .doc, .pdf, .swf and so on. The search results show the title, snippet, web resource address. For the convenience of users in the search results, you can see the saved copy of the page.

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