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What is Google Ad Manager?

Garfield Church
Garfield Church
1 year ago 198 Views

Hello everybody, I want to know what is Google Ad Manager. What does Ad Manager do? How to use Google Ad Manager? What are the Advantages of Google Ad Manager?

What is Google Ad Manager? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 21 September 2020 at 19:26

    Search advertising Google Ads is one of the main and most powerful advertising methods on the Internet, and the main advantage is that search advertising leads your business to mature buyers who are most ready to place an order. It is seen only by visitors who search for what the advertiser has to offer. Using search advertising allows you to get new customers on the very first day of launch, and the effectiveness of this channel is one of the highest.

    This type of advertising is one of the most expensive, but the money spent is worth it. You get a large influx of potential customers to your site.

    Benefits of Google Ads:

    1. The ability to show ads to an audience that is ready to buy.

    You can decide on what search phrases your ad will be shown. If you collect a list of search phrases with commercial links, you will be shown to users who are most likely ready to make a purchase or order a service and thus avoid ineffective impressions and costs.

    2. Ability to show ads in the exact location

    3. Flexibility to manage settings.

    4. You will only be charged if someone clicks on your ad.

    5. Ability to track performance

    Google uses three main factors to determine where an ad will appear on the results page:

    1 bet

    2. Ad Quality Score

    3. Page relevance

    Here are six points to keep in mind when writing your ad:

    Use keywords in your ad. You need to use the same keywords that you are targeting. This is how the system understands that the ad is relevant to the user’s search query;

    Be clear about your proposal: the user should immediately understand what you are offering and how you can help meet his need. If you have an online store that offers many different products, make sure that your ad leads to the relevant product page or section by keywords that the user entered into the search;

    Draw the user’s attention to your ad. It is necessary to immediately convey to the user why he should choose you. Do you have a better selling proposition than your competitor or are you more reliable, more accessible? Do you have a lot of positive reviews? Such information inspires confidence and generally has a positive effect on sales;

    A clear call to action: Users are more likely to click on an ad if they are told to take action. Examples of classic calls are “Order now and get a discount” or “Hurry, free shipping until 30.10”;

    Promotions: People love the process of getting a discount. You can include a promotional offer, for example “10% discount on shoes today!” or “Free shipping!” This is understandable if you do not want to offer a discount on top of advertising costs, but even a small promotional offer can attract a new client;

    Use ad extensions. Extensions display additional information about your company, such as phone numbers, product links, or the address of an offline store location. And with the help of clarifications, you can specify additional information that you could not specify due to the limited number of allowed characters in the descriptions. Enabling extensions will increase the amount of space you occupy on the results page. Plus, there is no additional cost to enable extensions.

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