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What is seo copywriting technique?

James Hert
James Hert
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Hello! How should SEO copywriting technique look like?

What is seo copywriting technique? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 09 November 2020 at 13:26

    Hello! Let’s talk about persuasive SEO copywriting technique.
    The main task in copywriting is the need for competent presentation and presentation of any informational, advertising, or other texts that promote and fill Internet sites. Copywriting skills also includes work related to advertising slogans, articles, and scripts for TV and radio. The main goal of the overwhelming majority of texts created by a copywriter is to stimulate an increase in sales or to popularize any goods and services.

    Thus, copywriting stands somewhere at the intersection of marketing, writing, and psychology and requires taking into account certain peculiarities when composing texts. Of course, each genre of advertising or PR material has its own writing specifics.

    3 rules of good copywriting
    So what is a good copy? Any good text should have a clear and convincing message. However, if in familiar literary works, the presentation of an idea is often implemented in a rather complicated way, then in copywriting. It should be presented relatively simplified, but subject to a specific technique and relying on some rules.

    There is no place for voluminous philosophical and lyrical digressions in copywriting, an abundance of metaphor, a stream of consciousness, intertextuality, and other complicated things that are often used in severe literary works. The marketing text should not be thought-provoking; it should prompt action. A person acts when everything is clear to him.

    American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI), which has been training copywriters for over 20 years, has formulated a very curious material presentation principle, calling it “The Power of One”. According to this principle, the marketing text should:

    focus on one idea;
    stimulate one basic emotion;
    tell one story;
    direct the prospect to one answer.

    The Power of One is absolute, something that the reader can understand immediately. Something that gives you a distinct advantage be it achieving a goal or solving a problem.

    What should be the title? The rules of the four “U”
    The first thing the reader sees is the title. And a good headline should be done in one go:

    grab attention;
    provoke interest;
    evoke desire;
    motivate to continue reading.

    Creating a competent headline that meets all of the above requirements is not an easy task. At AWAI, copywriters are taught this by following the 4U’s (Four “U”) rule. This rule helps to attract attention and encourages the reading of the entire text.

    The 4U’s rule is:

    “U” seful. The title should always contain something valuable to the client.
    “U” ltra-specific. If you can use concreteness, use it. It helps make the promise more real and believable. For example, instead of “Increase your income!”, It is better to write “Get 15.6% per annum on your deposit.” Whenever possible, it is useful to provide the title with various names, well-known names, numbers, dates, prices, and different measurement measures. Specifics attracts people.
    “U” rgent. We must demonstrate that this message is extremely important, applies to everyone, and does not tolerate deposits. It is known that the overwhelming part of what people add to bookmarks with the purpose of reading later remains unread. Examples: “Never eat this on the plane!”; “Do you, like everyone else, make this mistake while driving?”
    “U” nique. Your message must be unique. For example, “What to do with back pain?” – a similar headline can be seen in a massive number of articles. Still, the title “The innovative technique of the German doctor Dieter Streicher has relieved tens of thousands of Germans from back pain” will undoubtedly make your message stand out among others in this topic.
    A good headline should contain at least 2 of the 4 “U” s.

    How to improve body copy. The Rule of Four “P”

    The structure of a successful selling text must necessarily contain 4 elements that the 4P’s rule describes.

    The 4P’s rule is:

    “P” romise (English promise). Make a clear promise. For example, you can promise: “Back pain will go away in just 2 days.” But do not forget about the “Power of One”. Repeat just one promise.
    “P” icture (English picture). Try to visualize the benefits of your product or service.
    “P” roof (English proof). An effective promise must be reliable and achievable, which means that there must be compelling evidence. Always try to quote as them:
    Facts. Fill your texts with statistics, quotes, and various accurate data.

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