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How do I create a dynamic Remarketing audience?

Shah Wilkes
Shah Wilkes
3 years ago 1060 Views

Hi, I want to know more details about dynamid remarketing audience. first I want to know what it is Remarketing audience? because it’s a complicated issue. Than How to Do Google Dynamic Remarketing? How to Create Google Dynamic Remarketing Code? I am waiting for your reply immediately. Thank you.

How do I create a dynamic Remarketing audience? Answers

  • Denny Blackmore
    Denny Blackmore 01 September 2020 at 01:32

    What is Dynamic Remarketing?
    Google Dynamic Remarketing is the work that allows visitors to display the products they have viewed or added to their cart but not purchased on an e-commerce site separately to each user.

    While those looking at the red dress product on your site will see red dress in the same advertisement area, users looking at the blue shirt will see a blue shirt in the same advertisement area. In other words, the advertised product changes dynamically according to the product page viewed by the visitor. This is why the name was given dynamic remarketing.

    Dynamic remarketing requires a dynamic remarketing setup and the correct addition of the tag to your website.

    How To Do Google Dynamic Remarketing?
    To run a dynamic remarketing campaign in Google Ads, you need to do 6 simple steps.

    Adding the Google global site tag to the website
    Adding Google dynamic remarketing codes to relevant pages on the website
    Creating remarketing audiences in Google Ads account
    Creating a Google Ads account Display Network campaign and activating dynamic ads in campaign settings
    Selecting remarketing audiences as target audience within the campaign
    Creating advertisements and broadcasting campaigns.

    How to Create Google Dynamic Remarketing Code?
    Go to your Google Ads account and go to Tools> Audience Manager> Audience Resources and click on “Set Tag” under Google Ads Tag. If you see a warning like the following, continue with the creation step. You have already created the Google Analytics tag. To create another tag anyway, click “Continue”.
    Choose the second option that comes up as we’ll be doing dynamic remarketing. In the second option, it should write: Show personalized ads by collecting data about certain actions users take on your website.
    Then it’s time to choose our business category, which determines the codes we will add to our site so that we can do Google Dynamic Remarketing.

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