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Why is my Google ad not showing?

Will Smith
Will Smith
2 years ago 631 Views

I advertised to Google. But I can’t see my ad. What could be the reasons?

Why is my Google ad not showing? Answers

  • Judith Hodge
    Judith Hodge 04 May 2021 at 17:43

    It would be best if you used a special tool available in your account – “Preview and diagnostics of ads”. It makes it possible not only to make sure that impressions are happening in the campaign without harming the CTR, but also to determine why Google AdWords is not showing ads.
    The Google Ads system makes it possible to set bid rates, set restrictions based on social or demographic characteristics, limit geo-referencing or time of impressions. It is also possible to set a daily campaign budget, that is, to select the maximum amount of costs for displaying advertising. The system analyzes this parameter using a special algorithm, and then decides how often and at what price the advertisement will take part in the auction.

    Your ads are likely not to appear every time you enter keywords if your campaign budget isn’t sufficient. For example, if 500 people request a service or product per hour, then only 50 users will see ads due to the limited funds.

    Google Ads provides tools to help you assess whether a campaign has sufficient budget. You can find out the approximate number of potential impressions missed due to a lack of funds allocated for advertising using them.

    Advertising will not be shown if:

    The budget does not cover the entire volume of traffic from search, so not everyone who turns to the system with a search query sees ads;
    If the limit of funds allocated for a campaign is reached, impressions until the beginning of the next day are not available.

  • Gabriel Pearce
    Gabriel Pearce 26 February 2020 at 15:34


    First you need to make sure your ad is approved. In the next step, you should make sure that your Credit Card is verified.

    If your search ad is live, you can find it with the Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool. https://ads.google.com/ This tool can help you to see if your search ad is live without affecting your impressions, which will result in a low clickthrough rate. If your ad isn’t showing, the tool will tell you why and give you tips to help ensure your ads run.

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