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Does capitalization matter in seo?

Fionn Hartman
Fionn Hartman
2 years ago 1847 Views

Hey! Should I use capitalization in SEO?

Does capitalization matter in seo? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 18 November 2020 at 14:22

    Hello! The use of capital letters during informal communication over the Internet is the norm for many. With their help, we emphasize the special significance or give a vibrant color to the phrase. But do they matter in search engine optimization?

    In particular, should I use capital letters in the URL structure? John Mueller recently asked this kind of question:
    “As far as I know, Google has never spoken out against the use of capital letters in URLs. If I’m wrong, correct it. Interestingly, what is the significance of such a highlight from the SEO point of view? Please clarify! ”
    Once again showing his great sense of humor, the good-natured Google spokesman said the following:
    “The use of capital letters in the URL structure cannot help our algorithms determine the emotions that are present on the site page.”
    Perhaps that should have been proven. The American search engine does not care which case you use: upper or lower. But the lower one, I think, is still preferable from the point of view of generally accepted practice.

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