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Should I consider Global SEO without limitation?

Eduard Jones
Eduard Jones
2 years ago 495 Views

Hello, I want to provide digital consultancy service on a global scale. SEO plays a major role in this service. As both the SEO Coach team and its followers, I am waiting for your help on how to carry out Global SEO studies, develop strategies and pricing, by taking advantage of your experience. Should I focus on a particular market or focus on a particular country, or should I consider a Global SEO study without limitation? I will also use my posts to position my own brand on a global scale with SEO

Should I consider Global SEO without limitation? Answers

  • Kamil Miranda
    Kamil Miranda 28 February 2020 at 01:43

    If you want to take another step in SEO and expand your limits, Global SEO may be for you. Thanks to international SEO, you can target the foreign market you want with a small budget and start profiting in low competitive areas in a short time. We can divide this broad process into three stages with good planning.

    1- Research

    In the first step, while considering the national and regional traffic volumes, the conversion rates should not be ignored. It will be in your interest to research the keywords in your target and follow the current trends in the languages used in the regions.

    If you have a site ready, you can find most of this information in the language and location sections of your Google Analytics panel in the geographic tab.

    2- Targeting

    Of course, something has started to occur in your mind after enough research. The point you should not miss while targeting is the competition and the presence of strong competitors in these areas. If you decide that these are not problems, you can continue on your way. You can open subdomains according to your targeted language or regions and add constructive language functions to your site.

    3- Optimization

    When the pages containing the words you target start to hit, all that remains is to follow the control and development of the system you are setting up.

    Located on your site;

    Title and meta description
    Navigation elements
    Price and product information
    Attention should be paid to use each factor in accordance with grammar rules and in a way that does not cause misunderstanding. Using techniques and content that are contrary to the culture and understanding of countries can also have a negative effect.

    Thanks to regular planning and analysis, avoiding simple mistakes and modeling other quality companies in your industry will help you in your Global SEO adventure.

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