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How do I find keywords for SEO?

Antony Brown
Antony Brown
2 years ago 467 Views

How do I find keywords for the SEO I apply to my website? What are your suggestions?

How do I find keywords for SEO? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 20 February 2020 at 14:10


    While doing keyword research for your website, there are many keyword tools used to detect keywords. You can use the following keyword finding and planner tools in many studies such as different word derivation, determining the word synonym, low tail search words other than generic words but high recycling value and detecting words that competitors are visible.

    1- Google Keyword Planner

    Google Keywords Planner is the most preferred free keyword planning tool that will work especially for Adwords ads.

    2- UberSuggest

    UberSuggest will provide you with great convenience in your keyword finding studies,

    3- KeySearch

    It is another free keyword tool that you can use in your keyword finding studies with KeySearch.

    4- SemRUSH

    It is one of the most preferred tools especially for content writers and SEO experts in terms of keyword finding, new word derivation and reporting features.

    5- Ahrefs

    You can also use another SEO tool, Ahrefs, in keyword research.

    In addition, you can use different options such as Google Companion.

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