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How do I get started with SEO?

Rosalind Corrie
Rosalind Corrie
3 years ago 666 Views

How should I start with SEO? What kind of path do you suggest I take?

How do I get started with SEO? Answers

  • Elif Nur Kasapoğlu
    Elif Nur Kasapoğlu 10 March 2020 at 10:47


    As a first step, you should understand its industry and user (customer) needs.
    In the next step, you should determine the services you offer and reveal your keywords, you can determine the target audience by creating pages that are suitable for their keywords.
    Simultaneously, we have to look at whether the website is crawlable and whether our pages are indexed.

    We have created pages about the service we offer, received index, and if our site can be scanned properly, we can start targeting ranking by creating pages for the needs of the user in the next step.

    In the in-page editing, we need to sprinkle the first stage, that is, the section reflected in the search query result, we should edit the title description, and the url structure.
    You can start the SEO process with these steps.

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