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How do you enable TLS?

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Hello. How to enable TLS in chrome? What benefits can I earn when I activate it?

How do you enable TLS? Answers

  • Mabel Dean
    Mabel Dean 17 February 2020 at 21:01

    You can enable TLS an Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome:
    For Internet Explorer
    – You can go to Tools.
    – Go to Internet Options and Advanced tab
    -Scroll down to the security.
    -Make sure TLS 1.1 end TLS 1.2 one check and others TLS 1,0 and all SSL protocols are disabled.
    For Firefox
    – Type about: config to the address bar
    -Select I accept the risk!
    -Type security.tls.version.min into the search box.
    -Double click on the security.tls..version.min row.
    -Change value from 1 to 2 then Click Ok

    For the Google Chrome
    -Open Chrome
    -Press Alt F and select setting
    -Go to show advanced.
    Find the ‘Network’ section and click on Change Proxy Setting.
    -Select the Advanced tab.
    -Enable Use TLS 1,1 and TLS 1,2.
    -All others TLS 1,0 and all SSL protocols should be disabled.
    Benefits TLS technology is to security transfer sensitive information such as personal data, payment or login details.

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